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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLUNA
SpeciesWolf /red tail hawk mix
Height5'9 1/2
Weighto that's funny

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourbasic wolf with hawk wings.my fur is lite brown with hints of bage. Down my back I have small black spots leading to my long wolfy tail. wings striped with lite brown and bage and very large
Hair Colourbasic wuffy head my hair is black and red with red ends also my left ear is preicsed and two in the right
Eye ColourChanges colors but mostly black drown with sometime glasses
Clothingan amazon worrior type out fit :P
Accessoriesmy red silver studed coller as in basic black leather
Weaponryjust going to have to see what's up my sleeve
Outstanding Featuresmy wings and dark spot and strips ( weird yes be hell it works)

Personality & Background

Personalitysweet and almost cool with everything in life. trys to help whenever i can. loves to talk sometime or when i'm not busy. even if you are being men to me o wouldn't let you know it until later. ^.^
LikesNot being hurt, playing around and having a good time
Dislikespeople who hurt my feeling and people who can't deal with with life. i don't like begin picked on. and yiffing not unless with my mate. also bing lied too
Locationon this noo that er i mean i think earth

Just for Fun

Blog http://nythwolf.livejournal.com
Favourite QuoteDon't make me hurt you!!!

Stay in Contact

AIMsubarticprinceness (i think i spell it right)