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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZoe: Goddess of Tech Support
SpeciesAnthro Cat
Age307, appears 24
HeightGenerally around 5-foot-8, but is almost infinitely variable
Weight~163 lbs, varies on height though
SummaryZoe: Goddess of Tech Support is a modern goddess for a modern world. She dresses like a normal person, drinks very large amounts of coffee, and likes rock music. She's got a dry sense of humor and will probably make a joke at your expense, but underneath she really is a good person, and truly cares for her worshipers. All 19 of them.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMostly black. The tip of her tail is white, as is her left ear, right ear is brown. However, sometimes she'll change the color of her fur on a whim because she can. (Kinda like a chameleon or a squid)
Hair ColourShoulder-length, messy, bleached white
Eye ColourGray-green
ClothingUnlike the majority of other deities, Zoe chooses to forgo the traditional flowy robes, complex, impractical costumes, or obscene proactive wear for semi-casual business attire and a telephone headset. Unless it's "casual Friday" in which case she dons flip-flops, a long-sleeved flannel shirt over a 90's punk band t-shirt, ripped blue jeans, and of course, her telephone headset. Interestingly enough, "Casual Friday" is nearly every day.
AccessoriesTelephone headset, PDA
Special AbilitiesComplete control over electronic equipment, kitchen appliances, electrical systems, and similar objects. She can teleport around places using a computer monitor or television as a portal. That and control over her size, appearance, and some other mumbo-jumbo

Personality & Background

PersonalityZoe is fairly relaxed and aloof most of the time, but she can quickly get very serious when the situation calls for it. She has a dry, somewhat sarcastic sense of humor, and will often make jokes at other people's expense. Because of her status as a goddess, even though she's a minor one, Zoe has developed a little bit of an arrogant side. Mostly it's just that she does finds it amusing to call everyone "mortal", and does so at every opportunity. Despite this she does really have a good heart and is fully dedicated to her duties. She's even gone around upgrading computers in schools because "Even 2nd graders know Oregon Trail 6 runs way better on a modern OS than on some piece of crap from the late 90's." In regards to people choosing to worship her, she's not about to go around and try to convince the world to follow her. If someone decides to worship her out of their own free will that's great, but if you'd rather not, then that's cool too. Just don't be a jerk about it.
Background-WARNING LONG- Zoe: Goddess of Tech Support started out life as Zoe Camilla Finch: a fairly normal person. She grew up in Los Angeles with a younger brother, her parents, and two pet chameleons: Peaches and Lord Sauron. Her first dose of craziness came when she was in 7th grade and her family learned that her younger brother, Ryan Mauricio Finch, was a macro; due to the fact that he was 12 and already over 7 feet tall. Because of the extra attention that her brother had due to his size, Zoe felt that she was being ignored by her parents and got in with the punk crowd as a teenager. When she was 19 her father got her a summer job working as a tech support agent for a local internet/cable/phone company hoping she'd realize she needed to turn her life around or she'd be stuck at some dead-end job like that for the rest of her life. Her life was indeed turned around when she was sent out to set up a wireless network for some guy out in Pasadena. That guy turned out to be a god who had incarnated himself as a mortal just to see what it was like, and he was so impressed by her ability to plug in a wireless router that he brought her to his plane of existence, and convinced enough of the ruling gods of her worth that she was made a Goddess! Of... tech support. She spent the next few hundred years learning the basics of immortality and goddesshood, and was then sent back to Earth. Due to space and time being a ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey... stuff only a few minutes had gone by on Earth and was able to start her mission of exorcising demons from computers and preserving the sanity of tech support agents world-wide almost immediately. Three of our years later, she's still doing her job and not getting thanked for it except for the 19 IT guys, tech support agents, and customer service reps that make up her worshippers. (They have weekly masses which mostly involve playing videogames and eating pizza rolls. The only actual ceremony is leaving some chocolate-covered espresso beans in a coffee mug with a picture of Zoe's face on it while simultaneously checking their security software for updates. She usually shows up because she's nice like that, and can't resist chocolate-covered espresso beans.) Zoe is not a particularly powerful deity. Nor is she well-known, often worshipped, or well-respected amongst the particular pantheon to which she belongs to. If you saw her on the street, you'd probably think nothing of her However, she excels in an area most gods and goddesses of the natural world have little to no power: technology. While this does mean that she can pretty much just snap her fingers and fix a crashed hard drive or exorcise a demon from a toaster halfway across the universe, her duties are usually more along the lines of giving tech support agents, customer service representatives, and office IT guys the strength and determination to keep on going with their thankless jobs without throwing things out skyscraper windows or going on shooting rampages. (Or macro rampages) It's much harder than it seems. You try persuading Dave from Generic Electronics Corp to not start throwing file cabinets out a 17th story window after his 184th call that day about from someone trying to "install the Google on his computer box" without showing up in person and while doing the same thing for hundreds of other people simultaneously. As you can probably imagine, this is very stressful, and due to this Zoe regularly consumes amounts of caffiene that would cause an average mortal to spontaneously combust or at the very least not stop twitching for several decades. It's a very rare event to see her without a sizeable cup of black coffee and donut or some kind of energy drink.
LikesRock music (especially punk rock and classic rock) computers, chameleons, Lord of the Rings, COFFEE, energy drinks, donuts (except cream-filled or jelly-filled), chocolate-covered espresso beans, robots, the 19 customer service reps, tech support agents, and IT dudes who make up the sum total of her worshippers, when stuff works correctly, casual Fridays, taking over her brother's computer, 1950's sci-fi B-movies
DislikesGremlins (demons who mess with technology), baroque classical music, most of the deities in her pantheon, decaf coffee, tie-dye, fax machines, jelly donuts, cream-filled donuts, the holiday season, being the 2nd least respected deity in her pantheon just above the god of door-to-door salespeople, the god of door-to-door salespeople, things not going according to plan, people who don't listen, when people say "well you don't look like a goddess!", apple fanboys/fangirls.
LocationUsually Earth
OccupationGoddess of Tech Support