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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRazzi RyuKami
SpeciesWolf Dragon Hybrid (anthro)
Height5ft 11in ~ 6ft 5in
Weight175~250 lbs
Summary***Image down for updating*** Please Follow link to see summary. Scroll down in the first scroll down box you see until you get to something called "If you wana know about me :3" I will copy when I feel its ready to be moved here. http://osu.ppy.sh/u/948396

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourouter Dark Gray inner Black
Hair ColourBlack
Eye Colourlight Gray
Special AbilitiesCan transform into Izzar ( such an original name ) It's his Demi-God mode. Base power is raised exponentially and converted to dark energy. *** Side effects may include heavy drinking, severe depression, loss of wings, and, extreme anger. If symptoms worsen please stop using Demi-God mode or else death may occur for a decade to a millenium before resurrection is eligible. Please see manual for details on how this may affect you. Demi-God mode, simple yet effective ***

Personality & Background

PersonalityNormally a relaxed person, care free, (even to the point that it ruins his own life.), Can be really depressed at times even to the point of attempting suicide (he has some mental issues because of his past). Doesn't smile much. He's a perv... :P Occasionally cold heart... But deep down he cares...
BackgroundBorn as an experiment by Xun labs using DNA synthesis making him a synthetic life form. He still has the same abilities as a standard Anthro except he isn't able to reproduce since he cant produce sperm cells. As a baby he was thrown in the trash because of a horrible incident with the media about a complex synthetic life form being produced. Luckily a family of wolves came across Razzi and decided to take him in as their son. Unfortunately the media caught up with razzi again, but the government and radically traditional religious groups became involved in the situation. During the escapade Razzi died due to a severe fall ( razzi was still a new born ). A funeral was held but his body went missing before he was sent into the ground. So they thought, Razzi's reconstructive gene kicked in just in case if he receives a major injury. The reality to Razzi's lethal fall actually severly injured him breaking his bones, so he just passed out for an extended period of time. Back to the missing body, Razzi crawled away from his coffin and wandered the cemetery. A dragon ran across Razzi and realized what he found. It's a good thing that he found a father who lived in the forest and worked as a lumberjack. The dragon's name was DirEx, he taught Razzi how to, Obviously, chop wood and preform close range combat. At age 13 Razzi was able to strike down a sequoia tree with one powerful claw strike, just as his father. He always followed his fathers words, "It's all about the technique, not the power". When Razzi turned 16 he decided to leave home and reach new heights. During his tip to walk away from the forest he came across an abandoned cemetery, it seemed familiar to him, as if... there was something about it related to his past. He decided to explore it and found a purple pentagram on the ground, he examined it but was puzzled when he saw symbols on it. He decides to sit on the middle of it, curious of what mysteries it holds. He takes out a notebook and opens it, he accidentally opens it to a page of his father nude in the shower. Immediately his nose bleeds and the liquid falls on the mysterious pentacle. Dark purple flames erupted from the ground and enshrouds his body nearly charing him. He let out a loud yell and his father DirEx Flies to him as quickly as possible. On the ground, Razzi lies with severe burns. He wakes up conciously looking at his hands then slumps on the ground while holding onto his heart and coughing dark smoke. DirEx walks toward him yelling at him if he's fine, Razzi yells back not to come closer. DirEx runs toward him anyway because of his parental instincts. immediately Razzi's eyes turn black and his pupils turn silvery white. DirEx realizes that he wandered off into an abandoned cemetery. (information can change at any time)
LikesBeing along // Dark places (no not caves) // Drawing // Mechanical pencils // Touch screens // Playing Online games// Cooking // Drinking alcoholic beverages // Cold Places // Massive Multi-player Online games // MMOs // Pron (subject to change) //
DislikesFPS games ( it bores him :P) // normal wooden pencils ( no one likes sharpening ) // When touch screens dont work properly // Doing work ( meh hes lazy ish :p ) // When Code doesn't work //
LocationUnknown Address.
OccupationComputer sciences: Programmer (not for games)

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLife is too long, why keep going?