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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDaedalus
HeightOne inch
WeightGood luck measuring...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTan skin
Hair ColourBald head, dark brown goatee
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingT-Shirt, jeans, socks shoes...typical, really
WeaponryNothing really
Special AbilitiesSlightly "de-synced" (see below for details)
Outstanding FeaturesOther then a one inch tall human?

Personality & Background

PersonalityGenerally upbeat and cheerful, quite energetic. However, still in a bit of shock adjusting to his situation.
BackgroundWhere to start? Well, I'm from a world without furries...or giants...or tinies...or, well, you get the picture. Techie friend wants me to test her new device. Support to open a window to other worlds. I knew something would go wrong, always does. She fires it up and the window opens...and I go through it. Well...mostly. I end up in this world of size changing furries, and pretty much freak out. Took all of a minute before I got stepped on. Things went dark, then I was back. Sore, bruised, in a ton of pain...but alive. Once in a great while I get telepathic messages from my friend. She's trying to get me back home, but at least knows what's going on. Apparently, the tiniest part of me is tethered back home, and that causes me to slip in and out of sync. Weird, I know. But so is this world, and I really have not adjusted yet. Apparently the people of my world are incredibly tiny even in comparison to the "normal" size here.
LikesIC: Not being in peril. Being in a situation where I can feel safe. OOC: Playfulness, gentle or even rough (intentional or not knowing your own strength). Teasing, taunting, showing off. Just generally enjoying your size and doing what you want. I'm quite open to most anything and anyone (of either gender). It's all about having fun!
DislikesIC: Well, being in danger, pain, etc. OOC: Item/age/gender transformation. Daedalus is an extension of me, and I just don't enjoy when that's altered.
OccupationWanderer at the moment.
Additional InfoDaedalus is the tiniest part out of sync with this reality, which provides some odd attributes. Every so often he simply disappears for an extended period of time, becoming disoriented upon return. He also appears to be immune to most anything that would affect him directly. Several people have tried to help by enlarging him, but no matter what the source it has always failed. He simply cannot be transformed. The other effect is that he is effectively immortal. His health seems to "rubber-band". Injuries eventually heal, even mortal ones. He will remember everything up to, but not including, the moment of death. The downside? He is NOT invulnerable and will feel everything happening to him. While he cannot die, he can be injured, painfully, so he still tries to avoid such situations when he can as a result.