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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJeri Dayne
Height142 cm (4ft 8inch)
Weight83 kg (182 lbs)
SummaryShort, cute, hyper-stacked, and buff is how to describe Jeri. Only 4' 8" tall not counting her huge round ears, her face adds to a very child-like look, often getting her mistaken for a teenager despite her build, an illusion she doesn't even try to dispel, enjoying the effect it has on others. A fluffy, soft, well-kept mop of bright sky blue hair sits atop this child-like face, made even more youthful and innocent by the huge blue eyes she has. Below this, Jeri sports an amazing body. Massive, perfectly spherical breasts jut out, each as wide as her torso, always straining the short, skimpy shirts she wears. A solid, thick, tight and rock-hard tummy and sculpted muscled back fills out the rest of her torso. Her arms are slender yet possess solid muscle under the fur, with solid cuts and definition just enough to say "rock hard" to anyone who looks even when they're relaxed. Wide hips flare out, backed by a bubble-butt that is tight and solid, leading into short yet incredibly thick legs which positively bulge with massive, tight, solid muscle, both thighs and calves. Pink mouse feet and dextrous hands finish the amazing display of figure.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWarm gray fur with a cream-colored underbelly, inside of her thighs, front of her neck, and under-half of her face and muzzle.
Hair ColourBright sky blue hair in a soft, fluffy mop that goes down in a silken fall to her butt.
Eye ColourHuge and innocent-looking blue eyes.
ClothingJeri likes to wear outfits that show off her figure to the utmost. Short shirts are a norm, often not long enough to cover the bottom of her immense breasts, and always tight enough to show the assets underneath. These are usually in pink or other pastel colors and are cut to resemble youthful teenage wear, accentuating the underage look she likes to present. In colder weather these will shift to longer shirts, though always fur-tight. Lower, Jeri usually wears low-cut yet high-leg-style bikini-style bottoms, often actual swimsuit bottoms as opposed to panties; this is because she wears her pants VERY tight and very low on her wide hips. In warm weather these are usually Daisy Duke shorts, in cooler weather it's skirts and tights or Daisy Dukes and tights, all showing off those enormous legs of hers. On her feet, usually it's sandal-bottomed, open-toed front-lacing half-boots, stopping just under her massive calves.
AccessoriesMultiple earrings ranging from hoops to studs to dangles to feather fetishes going all the way up the bottom curve of her ears. The top curve is adorned by yet more studs and a set of decorative cuffs. Her tongue is pierced, two small barbells at each eyebrow outside, a belly-button piercing, and always visible through the tight shirts she wears is the outline of two barbell piercings in each nipple.

A top of the line, expensive Android-running smartphone, kept up to date religiously.
WeaponryJeri doesn't own or carry any weapons, but is familiar with pistols, having grown up in a family which encouraged gun ownership and familiarity. Jeri herself is a marksman with pistols both stock and competition, ranging from hot combat loads and wildcat loads down to .22 caliber "mouse fart" wadcutter loads meant exclusively for paper-target shooting in competitions. While she doesn't advertise it to folks, Jeri's dad ran her constantly through the local police force's SWAT training ranges and has taught her how to not panic in a fight.
Special AbilitiesJeri is, thanks to aVERY paranoid father, fully familiar in hand to hand combat with a mix of Krav Magha and other aggressive martial arts, including a style no longer taught in the USMC, as well as having combat and close-quarters knife and pistol training, plus a marksman-level skill with pistols. While not outstanding (as she is still a normal mouse, not some kind of super-combatant) she is still dangerous as hell if one gets her into a bad situation.

Personality & Background

BackgroundJeri's dad is a "recovering" survivalist, one of those crazy types that used to believe the end was coming any day now. Jeri's mom "civilized" him with heavy applications of love and the occasional whack to the back of his head (sometimes with crockery, cooking utensils, pots, pans, and once the garbage can, but we'll not get into that, shall we?).
When Jeri was born, her dad had gone to work with the local police department, where he quickly ended up heading up the SWAT team there. As Jeri grew, he felt she needed to "be prepared" and, against her mom's protests, was taught how to "handle herself" as her dad put it, read run through SWAT-style paramilitary training. When Jeri got clobbered over the head by a rampant, raging puberty, her dad gave her "refresher courses" so no boyfriend would ever harm his beloved daughter. Aside from this, though, Jeri's grown up mostly normal, and is a VERY happy mouse.
LikesJeri likes things almost appropriately mouse-like: cuddles, closeness, company, and warmth. She plays up to the stereotype of mice and enjoys many cheeses. She also enjoys it when people think she's some sort of underage kid due to her dress and attitude, though if asked she never lies about her age.
DislikesThe little mouse dislikes rough-housing, rudeness, coldness, and those who have fun making life miserable for others. She has been known to get into nasty, dirty, vicious fights with folk over this kind of stuff.
LocationWelll, if you're reading this, likely standing in front of you looking cute!
OccupationCollege student