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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShiel
SpeciesArctic Vixen
Height170 cm (5ft 7inch)
Weight141.5 kg (312 pounds)
SummaryWhite fur, no gloves or boots, black back of ears. Tightly-defined hardbody muscular build, E-cup boobs. Metallic silver hair in a long slender braid to her knees, two swishy bangs in front, two slender braids on the sides. Gold metallic slit-pupil eyes.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright white fur
Hair ColourMetallic silver hair in a long slender braid to her knees, two swishy bangs in front, two slender braids on the sides.
Eye ColourGold metallic slit-pupil eyes.
ClothingCharcoal gray high-collar sleeveless legless body glove with glowing red trim. Hexagon-scaled charcoal gray mid-bicep fingerless gloves with elbow armoring, glowing red highlights and split-sunburst mark on the back of the hands, glowing red bicep-band. Hexagon-scaled charcoal-gray mid-thigh-high boots, open-toed, with shin and knee armoring and glowing red highlights
AccessoriesThree small stud earrings in silver with rubies in each ear
WeaponryInbuilt cellular decoheser in each arm (causes intracellular bonds to lose cohesion, resulting in organic matter becoming a mid-viscosity sludge. Armor is marginally effective, force fields fully effective, robots/mechanicals are unaffected. Stopped by Farraday cages able to halt radio.)

Monomolecular filament spinnerets in index and middle fingers of both hands.

Semi-retractile organic metalloceramic claws on hands and feet.

Force-field generator (kinetic and energy), cellular, modular per body location. Can also be used to slow falls and cushion large impacts. Provides protection from acoustic weapons in addition to physical/energy dissipation.

Matter destructurizer coaxial with Cellular decohesers, makes inorganic material run like water but does not cause heat effects.

Subdermal armor able to stop up to 7.62mm AP or equivalent in energy weapons plus energy-absorption coatings with battery storage.

Monobeam projectors from back of wrist, deeply armor-defeating/armor-piercing.

EMP Generators in hands, feet, and a full-surround generator in her torso, range of 100 meters, able to damage or destroy military-shielded electronics within 10 meters.

Disruptors (anti-force-field electrogravitic weapons) also in her arms

Clothing is lightly armored to approximately Class III-A (9mm HV, .44 Magnum jacketed hollow-point bullets) and their energy-weapon equivalents.

Special AbilitiesShiel is approximately six times stronger than a full-grown adult human male standing six feet tall and in excellent physical condition. She can lift approximately one thousand kilograms over her head and leg-press fifteen hundred kilos.

Shiel possesses a neural net (nnet), an electronic copy of her own brain's neural layout, adaptive and changing as she changes, laced into her own brain and down through her spine. Through this and diffuse cybernetics laid down in diamondoid and silicon, this allows her communication with most machines.

On this advanced neural net runs a u-Shadow, a pruned-down copy of her own personality, that acts like her secretary, electronic-world security guard, administering the multi-level-deep firewall system common to all neural nets, and personal assistant, screening all emails, handling looking things up for her online through the various data networks, and essentially being a helpful background persona. In places which have cellphone access, Shiel's u-Shadow will handle assigning her a phone number and seeing to it that all calls route through her virtual self. In operations, Shiel's u-Shadow can run independently of her, operating as a cyberwar/infowar/EW specialist.

Shiel can transparently interface with computers, moving through dataspace in a way undetectable to most people with equipment less sophisticated than her own. This obviates the need for physical equipment of this nature. This same equipment allows her to send and receive messages and in general link into most forms of information system, up to and including cybernetic parts provided their support computer is of reasonable complexity. Her infiltration systems can, in close (approximately 2 meter) proximity allow her to "hack" into a person's cyberwear and biowear and take it over, essentially puppeting the person involved. Note though that this requires at minimum a datalink meant for information interchange plus its' attendant built-in neural processor, and cannot be used on someone with no cybernetics.

Shiel's eyes are able to see in an immense segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, from the longest waves of infrared and thermal all the way up to the higher ends of the hard ultraviolet spectrum. They provide ranging accurate to centimeters of distance, and can provide precise magnification, making objects up to eight kilometers away seem to be as close and vivid as at 10 meters. All of this, plus superb passive night vision amplification and excellent daylight color vision.

Outstanding FeaturesAt a quick glance, only that she's busty and has glowy parts on her clothes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPleasant, calm, and VERY willing to snuggle.
BackgroundShiel acts as the hands, eyes, ears, and sometimes gun for the multi-star-system-spanning AI known as The Blizzard, a Third-Singularity AI operating out of Mutual Progress Association (MPA) space. Raised to be The Blizzard's operative, she was, nonetheless, given ample opportunity to socialize. Thus, aside from the impressive amount of cybernetic, bio-cybernetic, and biotechnological implants and abilities she possesses, Shiel is elsewise a normal woman.
LikesHugs, warm snuggles, walks in the untamed wildernesses of Earthlike planets, especially in northern latitudes.
LocationRight now? Probably in front of you, if you're reading this.
OccupationOperative for the AI "The Blizzard"