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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMorrawyn
SpeciesAnthro dragon

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMy scale colours are from the tip of my head running down my back till the verry tip off my tail is emerald green, while my my arms, legs and torso are golden and i have a patern in light yellow. I also have some stripes of crimson red running on my back towards my thighs
Hair Colournon, I have 2 large horns on the top of my forehead that go from black to crimson red. and I have spikes starting from my neck to base of my tail in silver.
Eye ColourDark red that give a radiant light in the dark.
Clothingranging from traditional goth to cyber/industrial clothing, depends on how i feel like.
Accessoriesmainly my spikes XD
Weaponrynone; i have masterd the elements around me as well as to absorb essential life force from all living beings around me (from trees and plants to more complex life forms)
Special AbilitiesSoul drain; which drains your life essence right from the core of your being..not only strenghtening myself but also letting me have vague and blurry images of that beings past.
Outstanding Featuresi'm a good dancer XD

Personality & Background

Personalitywell i'm quite and closed to most, extremely intelligent and avoiding fights at all costs... but when some really do the effort in getting to know me thei'll see that there is more then a serious side to me.
BackgroundI come from a land/place far distant then this one, a place that probably no longer exists since it hase been broken through space and time manipulation of my elders in my race in a futile attempt of gaining supreme power over our universe..I am but one off the only survivors scatterd accros the universe in all different locations by the force of the impact that destroyed my planet.
Likesreading and studying magic and elemental powers. going out to parties (yeah when i'm done in the books i like to go out XD)
Dislikespusshy people, rude people, physical conflict (well untill it is the only way to solve or settle something)
LocationEurope, belgium
Occupationwandering around trying to find out where the other survivors off the disaster are and maybe finding a way to restore the space/time craks and wholes that destroyed our universe
Additional Infoask me and i'll answer it

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotenot being is bliss, not knowing is ignorance

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