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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMiami
Height132 cm (4 ft 4 inch)
Weight66 kg (146 lbs)
SummaryGray and tan furred adorable-looking female mouse, bright purple eyes, dark red hair done in rows of braids running down to mid-back and ending in gold rings, four slender front braids and four swishy bangs in the front. Hypercurvy figure, immense, firm, bouncy breasts, maybe 140 cm across combined, obscuring most of her front. Her tummy is very thick and well-muscled. Very wide hips and a big, round curvy very well-muscled butt lead to very heavily muscled, massive thick thighs that are just shy of being completely out-of-proportion they're so big, each one as thick around as her waist. Big solid truly immense bulging calves continue, their gigantic size making them look almost comically stuffed. These huge legs taper down to almost tiny feet. A slender twice-too-long and completely prehensile mouse-tail waves above that huge round butt.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray and pale tan kept silky soft
Hair ColourDark red hair done in nine rows of braids running down to mid-back and ending in gold rings, four slender front braids like what might be seen on a Jedi Padawan (she just loved the look!) and four swishy long bangs in the front (think Sephiroth, just twice as many and not as long).
Eye ColourBright purple eyes, huge and innocent-seeming.
ClothingMedium-blue short sleeveless vest with only the bottom button closed, fingerless strap-and-buckle topped bicep-length gloves, a bikini-style buckled bottom with a pouched belt and hanging front decorative loincloth, and mid-thigh-high buckled boots also in medium blue.
AccessoriesAdvanced tablet computer
Special AbilitiesMiami is almost five times as strong as a 1.8m (6 foot) tall adult human male in maximum peak physical condition (despite her prodigious chest size and diminutive height). Because of this she can bench press 750 kg (1650 pounds) and leg-press 1000 kg (2200 pounds).
Outstanding FeaturesHer chest? It's VERY outstanding, yes indeed!

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet and snuggly!
LocationHugging you!

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYour tail, my snugs! YES!