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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMitzi (ミツィー)
SpeciesRed Panda Skunk hybrid
Height154 cm (5.0 feet)
Weight102 kg (225 pounds)
SummaryA shaggy, fluffy mess of silvery-white slightly curly hair shadows huge jade-green eyes and a face whose muzzle is a tad broader than a skunk's, yet has a mix of the two up-the-muzzle stripes of a skunk, the white cheek markings of a red panda, along with the white eyebrows and paired forehead dots of a red panda, all set into deep flame-red fur broken by a broad smile.
Deep flame-red fur with two long creamy orange stripes down her back on either side of her spine, chocolate-brown front, legs to mid-thigh and arms to mid-bicep, white tear-marks and eyebrows and ear-fluff. Her immense fluffy tail is broad like a skunk and incredibly thick and fluffy, with a chocolate bottom, red top, and two creamy orange stripes down the middle, ending in an all-white tail tip.
All of this wraps a figure of impressive proportion, with huge beachball-sized breasts, a tight, flat tummy, wide hips, huge round butt, and very thick, well-muscled, shapely legs, all thick and solid with muscle. On hands and feet are inch-long sharp claws.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDeep orange-red with two long creamy orange stripes down her back, chocolate front, legs to mid-thigh and arms to mid-bicep, white tear-marks and eyebrows and ear-fluff.
Hair ColourBright white hair with silver shot through it.
Eye ColourJade Green
ClothingShort denim sleeveless vest worn open, cream-colored mid-forearm-length fingerless gloves with gold chains decorating them, a metallic-gold bandeau top stretched over her incredible chest, thong-back black panties under a denim miniskirt with a brown belt and gold fittings slit up the side to her hip, a loosely-hung "utility belt" with lots of snap-open pouch-like compartments, and over-the-knee black leather toeless boots.
AccessoriesMultiple pink gold and silver hoop earrings in each ear, ear cuffs both top and bottom, and several stud piercings also in pink gold.

Top of the line advanced tablet computer at her hip.
WeaponryNasty reeking skunk spray, but she HATES using it.

Claws, but she rarely if ever uses them for more than climbing or utility.
Special AbilitiesIs ridiculously strong, able to bench-press a metric ton over her head (and it shows in her physique!)
Outstanding FeaturesBOOBS!!! Stonking huge tits! Oh, and she's got a CUTE face! ("I'm up HERE, fanboy!!")

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, open, fluffy, clingy, cuddly.
BackgroundMitzi's dad is a skunk. Not just any skunk but a hugely buff, immensely built skunk, with a set of muscles that would make many bodybuilders envious. Despite this, he's sweet, gentle, loving, and has a brain in his head (which is why he's a construction foreman and not just a laborer). Mitzi's mom is a red panda, and apparently was graced with a chest of such prodigious proportions as to make getting through normal doors a legendary fight. This, plus a strong physique makes for a gorgeous woman with an odd job: Mitzi's mom is a former Marine who then became a SWAT officer, and now is a consultant for the film industry on military and police methods.
Mitzi herself has two sisters: Miri, a 22-year-old post-graduate who's working her way towards a PhD in archaeology, and Mindy, a fourteen year old of insanely prodigious proportions and an appetite for things carnal that would make a succubus blush (and has the skill to make sure said succubus blushes, among other things). Mitzi herself loves her figure, Miri's sheer knowledge, and is jealous as hell over her little sister's capabilities.
LikesSnuggles, cuddles, hugs, sweets, candy, warm weather, hot drinks.
LocationProbably snuggling on your tail, if it's fluffy!
OccupationNone, soon will go to college, has no idea what to major in.