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Vital Statistics!

Character Namecody ni moon
Specieseevee, umbreon, or wolf
Gendermale (most the time)
Heightchanges but usualy 1"5
WeightD:< not fir you to know!!
Summary*waves shyly* hello im usualy "codytheevee" in irc

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhite main fur with a black crescent moon on my right front paw, and a considerably longer tail than most the species. when umbreon my rings are black
Eye Coloursilver/grey
Accessoriesa small chain around my neck with a silver crescent moon on it
Weaponryextreamly sharp claws, paws, sharp teeth. is a close combat fighter crescent moon blade when i expland my necklace my two katanas with long blades an black hilts, generated from the energy that my body produces finaly my butterfly knife that i had since childhood theres more but im not gonna list~
Special Abilitiesmy body produces special silver energy that i can use for various things such as growing, shrinking ect close combat specialist fast healer fast an nimble

Personality & Background

Personality"he's bi-polar honestly" where as this may be true im normal kind an cuddly till you give me a reason not to be or not to like you. .-.
Likesvore, tails, snuggles, music. fire, ect

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