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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDoctor Syphil
Height5ft 10"
Weight62 Kilograms
SummarySyphil (asides having a name with some unfortunate implications) is a freelance Scientist with a bit of a growth obsession. And when we say a bit, well...things can get out of hand at times.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite British
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingUsually just a lab coat and formal trousers. Wears a pair of polarised lens glasses.
AccessoriesCommonly wears "Anti-Macro Armour" - despite the name, the suit has been repurposed into a Scientific tool used to perform experiments in the field, and has been tricked out with everything he might need, from cutting lasers to chemical analyzers and injectors. The suit itself can survive at the bottom of the sea bed and being submerged in lava, and as such provides better protection during snuggles. The same suit also houses a uplink to Paradigm, Syphil's Quantum AI that oversees the lab and runs everything while he's out doing things.
WeaponryGiven Syphil's non-violent nature, the only weapon he carries would be his Anti-Macro Armour's Cutting Laser, if that. If not, Syphil is quite handy at improvising chemicals, toxins and other nastiness that can either incapacitate or kill even the largest Macro's, with few exceptions.
Special AbilitiesAsides his Scientific Genius, ability to improvise and a level of Tactical Genius, Syphil has no outstanding special abilities.
Outstanding FeaturesAsides his Scientific Genius, ability to improvise and a level of Tactical Genius, Syphil has no outstanding features.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySyphil is...curious for the most part, a bit too much for his own good, often blundering his way though any given situation. His mood can swing back and forth in a conversation owing to various mental disorders, though he tries to not sour the mood of a conversation and will commonly ask if he's boring or depressing anyone at points in a conversation. Despite being an active talker, Syphil resents talking about himself too much. He is aware of his own perception and how others look upon him - often with a sense of scorn or disdain. When it comes to Macrophillia, Syphil doesn't consider himself a Furry - he wouldn't care less as long as someone doesn't bring anything like Children or Animals into the conversation (one is Pedophillia, the other is Beastiality - besides, Syphil HATES Children!), and is agreeable to Macro Sized Human beings, Ponies or whatever else floats his boat that day. He strongly prefers Gentle, though he does have a very mild destructive bent. Bringing anything regarded as "Squicky" into the conversation (e.g: Vore, Scat, Insertion etc) has been known to either make him feel unwell, or become violently ill. Luckily, the armour has Sick Bags on standby.
BackgroundSyphil himself started back during his College Years - he was conscripted as a possible genius to deal with the then looming "Macro Problem" and spirited away to a think tank underneath the Ural Mountains in Russia. While working there, he showed signs of being a genius with Cybernetic, Genetic and Technological research, leading to the development of things like the Anti-Macro Armour, various "specifically targeted" biological agents designed for killing Macro's and Paradigm, the complex's Quantum AI. As time passed and Syphil got older, he started to think about the ethics of what he was working on. He questioned what he was doing - what he had been doing - and was promptly cut off from the Goverments running the Think Tank. All Scientific personnel but him were relocated elsewhere, and Syphil was left for dead in the confines of the lab. Only foresight had allowed Syphil to save himself from harm, and he set about rebuilding the place as best he could, though the place was now much, much quieter.
LikesThe Peace and Quiet, Growth, Hugs and Snuggles, Gaming, Tabletop Wargaming, Art, Cartoons, Electronica and Power Metal.
DislikesLoud noises, Bright or Strong Sunlight, Strong or Graphic Violence, Badly Drawn Art, Stupidity, Crowds, Children, Rap and Dubstep.
LocationSomewhere under the Ural Mountains, Russia
Additional InfoSyphil RARELY, if ever joins any of the major Chatrooms. He's more inclined to pick out a user name based on "Feeling" and try to get a conversation going with Private Messages. This has lead to many a surprised Furry!