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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVarg
Height7 feet, 2,1m
Weight300lbs , 137 kilograms
SummaryTall, strong built, about medium build, wolf with deep purple, soft, silky and warm fur. Amber eyes that seem to glow, soft and gentle eyes with a calm look. Long, darker color of red hair, crimson or even deeper color. His hair goes over his left eye, covering it a little though not completely. A very gentle and kind face, a warm smile over his lips most of the time. Razor sharp and white teeth within his maw, also long, black claws on his fingers and feet. A nicely shaped and well trained body, abs showing in an eight pack also medium wide arms and legs, all muscles and no fat.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVery soft, warm and silky deep purple fur all over his body, single colored wolf with a 14' long, hyper fluffy tail.
Hair ColourDeep, dark red, crimson or even deeper, also quite long and covering parts of his left eye though messy around everywhere else on his head. The bangs do reach down far, being equally long all around his head, which is two inches beneath his shoulder level.
Eye ColourBright, light green eyes, which are calm and friendly most of the time though some times also empty and cold. They are deep and soft, a glance into them often making people relax more around the tall and gentle giant.
ClothingHe doesn't wear more than some black jeans with the button open and the zipper not completely closed, also a black, always open vest.
Outstanding FeaturesTall, handsome, strong wolf with a huge, hyper fluffy tail also with a very kind and gentle personality.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's very kind to most though can be annoyed or even made angry at times. Most of the time, he is calm and friendly, easygoing and not shy at all. Though he tends to be quite silent and stay out a bit on the side, sometimes being a bit emotional.

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