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Kragen often finds himself the brunt of the larger peoples whims ~

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKragen
SpeciesNoodle Naga
Age17 ~
Height7 inches - Mostly tail length
WeightAround 15 grams or so ~
SummaryKragen is a naga, though as opposed to his rather cumbersome counterparts he only is a full 7 - inches in legth. Kragen is often affectionately referred to as a "Noodle Naga" a simple comparison to his minute frame and tendency to find himself on the plate of others. Kragen though not incredibly stupid may often come of as such to other people due to his inability to speak a clear version of English, his words often slurred or humorously twisted. Kragen is often sheepish of people he meets for the first time often proffering to meet new people with a friend around, a true shining example of his cowardly nature ~

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack scaled tail with grey spiked patterns along the length. A pale almost clay like skin colour.
Hair ColourBlack, crazy as hell - (Never had a haircut)
Eye ColourBright Yellow.
ClothingN/A ... May occasionally wear some sort of ridiculous hat.
AccessoriesKragen has although doesn't generally wear a set of Gold Bracers, a draping gold necklace, several golden tail rings and gold hoop earrings ... You are welcome to enquire about these.
Special AbilitiesAdorableness on a level beyond the scales ~
Outstanding FeaturesOdd Elven like ears protruding from betwixt that mess of hair ~ A thick rattler on the end of his tail (Not pictured) ~ Striped markings over arms, ears and face ~ Three thick scars over his stomach (not pictured) ~

Personality & Background

PersonalitySheepish, though rather affectionate when made friends ~
BackgroundKragen's past is a long one that can be explained at a later date (Enquire if interested) Though the noodle's remembered life consists of living peacefully in a small forest, avoiding predators and the occasional hiker ~ (Kragen is currently under going a re-working)
LikesSweet treats. Affectionate friends. People who don't "Instantly" assume he's nothing more than a play thing. Feets. Bellies. Butts. Jewellery - (Toe rings, anklets, necklaces etc) ~
DislikesPersistent people - (Now that may seem bad, but i mean it more so if I choose not to talk you please don't persist) Technology that confuses him. Shoes. Any form of intimidating weaponry.
LocationSeveral places: Any area of forest. Various Egyptian temples. His "Owner's" House.
Additional InfoN/a

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Kragun ish Noodle Naga ... >.>" ~

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