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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMiki Kassan
Height165 cm (5 feet 5 inches)
Weight111 kg (245 pounds)
SummaryA light brown and creamy white bunny, Miki's face is dominated by enormous sky-blue eyes, wide and child-like. Above, her dark auburn hair is a shaggy, fluffy mop which cascades down her back all the way to mid-thigh, her gigantic bunny ears poking through at the top and adding almost a foot and a half of height to her. Broad cheeks and a wide, ready smile give her an air of immediate youth.
Well-muscled forearms lead into solid-looking round biceps which bulge even when extended fully, definition clear, from there into tight, corded, round shoulders. A tightly sculpted broad back tapers down to a trim waist fronted by a very thick six-pack of abs. Above this sits a pair of enormous breasts, each perhaps seventy centimeters across at their widest point. Lower, her hips flare out incredibly wide, backed by a tight yet very big and round bubble butt leading into truly massive and huge thighs. These in turn lead to gigantic, bulging huge calves and puffy, slightly large bunny feet. Behind, she sports a puffy, fluffy, huge bunny-tail unhidden by her bottoms or her hair.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight brown with a cream underbelly, neck, jaw, and inner things to mid-thigh.
Hair ColourAuburn, in a silky, fluffy mop over her head, falling in a slightly wavy cascade down to mid-thigh.
Eye ColourSky blue, huge and innocent.
ClothingMiki wears a sky-blue mid-bicep-length high-collared shrug, the sleeves cuffed mid-bicep and tight enough to show that her arms are VERY hard and solid even when relaxed. A strapless white half-shirt sits, covering from mid-breast just above the nipples to just past halfway down the curve of her breasts, dangling just loose enough to show that it isn't supporting her whatsoever but covering her enough to hide everything but the massive outline of enormous nipples. From mid-forearm down Miki wears sleeves that go over the top of her hand and end in a ring around her middle finger, leafing half the hand and the entire palm and fingers free.
Miki's bare tummy leads into a sky-blue high-leg bikini thong-back bottom and a belt slung low and angled across her hips. From mid-thigh to her toes her massive legs are encased in a fur-tight set of cuff-topped toeless sandal-bottomed boots, the material in sky blue and white and tight enough that every muscle and detail of her enormous legs stands out.
AccessoriesAlong her huge bunny ears, Miki sports three big hoop earrings in gold and one faux lab-tag at the tip of her right ear that says "Too Big" on it. A silver lip-ring is worn as well. Miki's tongue is pierced with no less than three studs, being insanely, unnaturally long. From between her thick, hard abs winks another gold ring, this time through her belly button. On her middle toes she sports a thick toe-ring also in gold and standing out bright against the brown fur there.
Other, less obvious ones not seen in public easily.
WeaponryNone except stunning looks and her physique. While she possesses claws, she really barely uses them for anything, and keeps them polished.
Special AbilitiesMiki can jump close to forty meters straight up and fifty horizontal, increasing this by five meters and thirty if she can get a ten-meter running start.

Miki can bench press approximately fifteen hundred kilograms (1.5 tons) over her head for a full ten reps, and has managed to dead-lift almost twice this, holding it for a full ten minutes. She can also kick with the force of a rocket-propelled ram, deeply deforming three centimeter steel, making her able to casually punt car doors off their hinges.
Outstanding FeaturesA muscled hardbody hypercurvy bunny... Ask yourself.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySweet, loving, kind, normally gentle, and a bit adventurous and definitely a physical show-off, in love with both her physique and curves.
BackgroundMiki and her sister, Nai, are twins. Though not identical, they are close enough that one might mistake them for one another on a casual glance. Their family is middle-class but well off, with few if any troubles. Around age eight, the twins saw some furs sporting massive curves and a lot of muscle. Ever since, the two have striven to be right there. Working out almost religiously, they have built themselves up into hardbody young ladies, and nature and excellent genetics has seen fit to bless them with figures most furry porn stars would blush to see and die to have. Despite this, they remain down to earth and pleasant, aware of their looks and sexuality yet not lording it over anyone.
LikesCloseness, cuddling, warm hugs and friends, showy clothing, working out.
OccupationSoon-to-be college student, specializing in mecha technologies.