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Wanted: Do not approach. Extremely dangerous!!!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBeherit
SpeciesDevil Fox
Height6 ft (base)
Weight145 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA flashy orange pelt covers most of him. The soles of his paws, palms of his hands, fingers and toes are all white. His nose, ears, horns, claws and paw pads are all a deep black.
Hair ColourSilvery-white, usually unkempt.
Eye ColourBright yellow irises with black pupils.
ClothingSweats, shorts or maybe some jeans. He's not too fond of wearing shirts. Damned horns...
WeaponryOccasionally will be seen with a shrink-ray in hand.
Special AbilitiesNone.
Outstanding FeaturesHe has two jet-black horns between his ears. If things are going his way he will usually sporting a big toothy grin on his gob.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPlayful and friendly with those his own size or bigger. Though, if he gets his paws on some micros things will inevitably not go too well for them. He is merciless, cruel and pretty much insatiable as a giant. Damned two-faced deviltod!
BackgroundUnknown! He just came to be somehow.
LikesSmooshing, abusing, devouring and rampaging of/at: Planes, trains, buses, automobiles, cities, homes, places, people and pretty much everything.
DislikesToo few which matter and too many to name.
LocationToo close!
Additional InfoRecently he has started dabbling in being a Pokemon trainer. So far this has only resulted in him training his 100 ft Zoroark to perform various questionable acts and engage in horribly one-sided and unsafe Poke-battles.

Just for Fun