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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNeiko
WeightIf you dare to ask >=3

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNeiko has the classical fur colour of a cheetah: golden yellow, fading into a white fluff on her chest and tummy, with the obligatory black spots on it.
Hair ColourShe has shoulder length blonde headfur, though prefers to keep it tied up in a ponytail behind her head for convenience
Eye ColourShe boasts a pair of deep, golden feline eyes, getting a certain glow when she enjoys her time together with friends
ClothingMost of the time she's just wearing casual clothes, which pretty much comes down to a pair of black or blue jeans plus a t-shirt or tanktop with varying motives on them
AccessoriesOnly carrying the most important things around with her in material she prefers to create or dissolve the stuff she needs dynamically
WeaponryNo weaponry, since she's usually very peace-loving and hard to enrage. When needed, even white magic does boast powerful enough spells to defend herself
Special AbilitiesDifferent kinds of white magic
Outstanding FeaturesA bright orange pet collar (including obligatory kitty bell) given to her by her owner Mud

Personality & Background

PersonalityNeiko is usually a very easygoing and friendly fur, and it's very hard to enrage her. She always tries to be as friendly and helpful as possible, but probably demands a little more of respect and recognition than the usual fur. In some ways she is still a kitten, at the bottom of her heart.
BackgroundBeing born and raised Bhuthan she spent most of her time in a simple country life, not knowing much about the world. Since she wasn't allowed to go to a monastery her parents taught her magic and mediation techniques. When she was of full age she decided to leave home to travel the world, in order to extend her own horizon
LikesGreen tea, vegetarian food, good friends, kindness and modesty
Dislikesdazzlers, impolite people, angst, ignorants
Locationo/~ Over the Hills and far away... o/~ =3
OccupationPart-time sorceress ;p

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote*kerpoofle*

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