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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRichard Hunter
SpeciesBorder Collie
Weight160 pounds
SummaryRichard Hunter is one of the youngest MI6 agents in the world. He puts up the front of living a very average life away from his native Britain; but is constantly ready to be put back onto active service whenever his country needs him.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe traditional Collie black and white!
Hair ColourA short, neat crop of black hair
Eye ColourGolden
ClothingA white T-shirt with a grey jacket and jeans whenever he is off-duty, but while on the job he can wear any number of things. Though he does have a penchant for classy tuxedos!
AccessoriesHe carries a number of useful gadgets on him at all times, his most used being a highly modified phone which can (among other things) hack into computer net works, bug or jam signals, and surf the internet at astoundingly good speeds! He also carries small endoscope, a UV light/flashlight, a DNA analyzer, and a can of knockout spray.
WeaponryHe carries a light, concealed pistol on him wherever he goes, but he is also experienced with several different heavy and light weaponry and can use weapons like that whenever necessary.
Special AbilitiesCountless hours of rigorous training, preparing him to complete any mission given to him succesfully; not to mention a plethora of gadgets, lethal and non-lethal weapons available to him. One of his primary tools is his car, a modified Porsche Carrera GT called HUGO (Human and Ultimate drivinG pilOt). Who makes up for his terrible acronym by being able to provide Richard with any number of services. HUGO can drive itself, connect to the internet, make phone calls, change his clothes, tie bow ties, mix drinks, and offer witty commentary.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRichard does his absolute best to be a gentleman in every respect. Prim, proper and respectful; even to men he is about to kill, he exemplifies 'class'. He enjoys fraternizing with new people, but is also hesitant to get too involved with anyone.
BackgroundRichard joined the British army immediately after graduating from high school, while in the service he was noted for his cognitive abilities, fitness, and personal ability by several of his commanding officers who recommended he apply to join MI6. With an astounding reference letter from his old CO's as well as scoring impressively well on their entrance exams the MI6 was pleased to welcome Richard to their ranks at 20 years old. In the two years he has been with MI6 he has completed many covert operations for the government successfully, and is noted to be one of the agency's fastest rising stars; as well as a fast-rising target to international criminals. His latest mission has him doing an ongoing recon on possible size-changers in the Canadian west.
LikesA stiff drink "shaken, not stirred" to state the old cliche! Fast cars, good company, a fair challenge, and classy party.
DislikesRowdiness, anyone who is disrespectful to a woman, people who cannot control themselves, anyone whom he perceives to be a threat.
LocationCurrently residing in the Canadian Rockies under a classified Alias.
OccupationMI6 intelligence agent.