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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAshley
SpeciesManed Wolf
Height187 feet
Weight1.56 kilotons
SummaryMeet Ashley, a macro door-to-door salesperson.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is a dark rusty red, almost maroon color with it darkening to black near her forearms, hands, shins, and paws. There is also a patch of grayish black fur down the middle of her back and a patch of white fur on her tailtip.
Hair ColourHer shoulder-length hair is similarly-colored to her fur: dark reddish-brown.
Eye ColourLight brown
ClothingWhile working she wears a light-colored blouse and gray or black pants. While not working she generally wears fitted jeans, and t-shirts.
AccessoriesOut of habit, Ashley almost always has her employee name tag pinned onto her shirt. She also wears a "small" hoop earring on each ear.
Special Abilities+17 Salesperson skills, +8 deal-making skills, +9 fluffiness, +14 door-knocking skills
Outstanding FeaturesDue to species, Ashely has very long legs which would seem to be fitting someone one and a half times her size at least. She's also quite fluffy! Being 187 feet tall.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAshley will do her best to appear cheerful and upbeat at all times. Partially because it makes a better impression on clients, partially because it makes micros more at ease around her, and partially because a fake, cheerful smile takes a lot of practice to keep up! Despite this, Ashley is really a more subdued, relaxed individual. Not much phases her, and she's rather soft-spoken and quiet when not trying to sell someone something. However, should she sense that something's going wrong or a sale is about to slip away from her she's not against resorting to more, let's just call it "blunt" sales tactics. I.E. "Buy this encyclopedia set or I'll rip off your car's roof to use for demonstrations of a paint repair kit." In terms of micros, Ashely is more or less indifferent. Mostly her opinion of the average micro is that they're just someone to make money off of. Ashley does have a few micro friends though. She doesn't go on rampages and whatnot because she's perfectly sane, but she's not really one to care if she steps on a car or stomps through a house now and again.
LikesSmall towns, parks, taking long walks, jogging, running, swimming, paychecks, repeat customers, relaxing,
DislikesHer job.
OccupationDoor-to-door salesperson