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Why must you wake wolf?

Vital Statistics!

Character NameNocturneWolf
SpeciesWolfsune (wolf-kitsune hybrid)
Height5ft 10in
SummaryA friendly, if somewhat lazy, wolfsune with a few extra facets to his persona... and a beanie. That's important. His full name's also Chase Nocturne.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGray primarily, with white under the neck and down over the chest and belly. Gold stripes line the arms, and black tips the ears and tails.
Hair ColourBlack, and quite messy!
Eye ColourDeep golden
ClothingUsual outfit consists of a black track jacket and dark green cargo pants, although that sometimes changes from a t-shirt/vest combo to jeans to other casual city clothing.
AccessoriesSometimes a pair of glasses rest over his muzzle, but he's never seen without his black beanie.~
WeaponryNone usually, but he does know how to improvise weapons on the rare occasion he needs them. He prefers not to fight though. ;3
Special AbilitiesSome size-shifting abilities (plus-or-minus five feet from his base height), illusion magics

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm for the most part, unlikely to be taken out of his friendly relaxed demeanor regardless of the situation he's placed in. However, both wariness and friskiness can weave their way into that when the temptation strikes...
LikesMusic, writing, bartending, ramen, upbeat people, and the occasional vore-related act~
DislikesPeople who can't take a joke, grouchy/mopey folks, getting his beanie stolen
OccupationPhotojournalist by day, DJ/producer by night
Additional InfoAs noted before, his full name is actually Chase Nocturne. ;3