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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRainier McNamara-Odegaard
Species100% Jaguar
Height600 Feet

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSee Pic:
Hair ColourSee pic:
Eye ColourGreen
ClothingHooded sweatshirt, or t-shirt, longer than typical. Shorts, jeans. Due to incontinence, Rainier is typically 'padded' at all times.
AccessoriesiPhone, Laptop, Notepad, Pencil or Pen,
WeaponryDepends on which stash he gets to. His favorites tend to range toward bolt action rifles, such as his favorite Mosin Nagant, to more advanced M-16s and M-8 rifles. Rockets are a favorite of his, but he has already expended his last Carl Gustav trying to destroy his old car.
Special AbilitiesCan adapt to size (Change sizes)
Outstanding FeaturesObsessed with science, albeit prone to saying stupid things.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRainier personality wise, is a shy 19 year old macro jaguar who tends to shy away from destruction most of the time. He's more constructive than destructive on a macro scale, though he's 'burdened' with a childish fascination crunching tiny motorized vehicles, and tormenting mean micros in all sorts of ways. If you aren't a capital criminal, you're gonna be fine!
BackgroundRainier is an outgoing, adventurous 18 year old. Having cut all ties with his previous community, he now wanders the world as a travelling scholar and academic, but finds himself forced into the survivalist way of life from time to time.
LikesPretty much everything. Enough time out in the world has dulled any sense of dislike.
DislikesUtilizing weaponry to solve crises
LocationEither on the move, or staying in a friendly macro's abode!
OccupationRP-wise: Travelling scholar, merc, jack of all trades. IRL-wise: International Studies student at the University of Washington.

Stay in Contact

SkypeRainier Wolfesberg (Ask)