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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCasja
SpeciesBlacktip Reef Shark
Height623 feet is her usual height. She is a sizechanger though.
SummaryMeet Casja, a (usually) 600 foot-tall blacktip reef shark and self-proclaimed guardian of the seas. She probably won't eat you. You never know for certain with sharks though!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray skin, the tips of her dorsal fin and tail are black. She also has a swirling "tattoo" on her back, which is representational of the ocean and glows blue. because yeah.
Hair ColourJet black, and impractically long
Eye ColourDark grey, almost black.
ClothingDue to the impractical nature of most clothing items underwater, her wardrobe consists of an outfit that would be similar to a two-piece swimsuit, gray in color.
Special AbilitiesSize-shifting comes fairly easily to her. She's able to breathe comfortably on land as well as in the water. Also being a shark. That's totally a special ability right?
Outstanding FeaturesNot really an outstanding feature, but she has webbing between her fingers and toes. She also has a really long sharkytail!

Personality & Background

PersonalityCasja has a fairly reserved personality most of the time, usually showing slight hints to her emotion. Despite her somewhat cold exterior, she is really quite a mischievous creature, often enjoying to play a "sea monster" and tease passing ships. Unless she's hungry in which case they're just food. If she is angered or provoked however...she becomes not even remotely someone you want to be around if you value your safety!
Background Born at an unspecified date centuries in the past, she lied dormant for a long time before awakening sometime in the early 1600's and taking on a protector role of the seas, which she sees as her kingdom. She patrolled the oceans for decades, learning of the developments of the land dwellers, and finding herself coming into contact with their ships more and more often as the age of exploration progressed. She initially chose to avoid them, but eventually their naval warfare begun to get on her nerves and she made her presence known. Throughout the 1700's she was spoken of through sailor's stories as a vengeful sea monster, carrying out her wrath on warring ships. Other stories told of her toying with merchant vessels, teasing those on board, often collecting a toll in exchange for their passage through her domain. She continued on until shortly after the Battle of Trafalgar. After carting off the wrecks of many of the ships sunk in the battle and the "Storm" after the fighting to a deserted island, a plot-convenient time portal appeared and took her to the modern era.
LikesThe ocean, delicious fish, seals, whales, sailors, teasing ships, eating ships, quiet relaxation, being respected, not having her naps interrupted.
DislikesBeing bothered by land dwellers, having her territory encroached upon, having her naps interrupted, naval warfare, destruction of her territory by careless actions of land dwellers.
Additional Info"true neutral" alignment. She does not take sides with any faction in any conflict, and unless she's hungry, she will not bring harm on any creature without provocation.