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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVirtro
Height6Ft. 6in. - 20 Miles Tall
Weight(Depends on Size)
SummaryA Basic Anthro Umbreon

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack Charcoal Fur with Yellow rings at both sides of the hips, shoulders, and forehead.
Hair ColourCharcoal Black
Eye ColourEmerald Green
ClothingUsually wears a white hoodie, black t-shirt and jeans.
Special AbilitiesGrow - (Grow an Object) Examine - (Able to copy ones abilities through watching consantly) Enlargen - (Grows Himself) Shadow - (Able to hide in your shadow, no matter his size)

Personality & Background

Personality(WHEN IN A UNKOWN ENVIORMENT): Usually quiet and keeps to himself until acknowledged. Will say a few things but will keep quiet if he wasn't noticed at all. Usually doesn't want to run into trouble with others. (WHEN IN A KNOWN ENVIORMENT): Usually friendly and helpful. Also reacts to the situation in ways seemed fit. Also a bit funny and a bit odd depending on his thought process.
LikesVideo Games, Drawing, Rubs, Writing, and being Tall.
DislikesJerks, Morons, and being small.