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Image drawn by Beherit on FA.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRemmyzilla
Height640 feet (minimum)
WeightA lot.
SummaryRemmyzilla; the crazy cross between a macro coyote gal and a godzilla-esque monster!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight brownish fur that corresponds with how a coyote looks! She has yellow scales on belly, covered by fur on her back and muzzle. Somewhat muscular. LARGE paws. Pads on her hands as well as paws. Hair is longer, around waist length, and disheveled.
Hair ColourBlonde hair is longer, around waist length, and disheveled.
Eye ColourNuclear green!
ClothingDepends on her mood. Sometimes she wears a bright yellow kimono dotted with radiation symbols, other times something more casual; a simple pair of shorts and a top. Other times, when the situation calls for it; bikinis!
Accessoriesusually just a simple set of stud earrings made from planets and a toe-ring made from crushed cars. But on fancier occasions she wears a rather ornate tiara built from crushed and braided ships, cars, and buildings studded with shrunken down stars along with more planet earrings, a few more car and boat toe-rings, and sometimes a necklace with planet pendants
WeaponryClaws, fangs, firebreath, being huge!
Special AbilitiesPractically invulnerable to most weapons, nuclear fire breath, "solar breath" (like regular fire breath, but a few thousand degrees hotter than the surface of the sun), roars capable of volumes that can shatter breakable objects (such as anything) at ranges up to 5 miles (Greater if she's larger), can absorb radiation, extreme heat, and sometimes electricity which causes her to grow, fluffy AND spikey at the same time, and snuggles. Can stomp coal and create diamond. Yo.
Outstanding FeaturesThree spiked, floofy tails, enormous claws, horns, hyoooge fangs, monstrous levels of adorable. Also impecable fashion sense.

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery friendly, but stompy and always hungry! Be advised: resistance to snuggles is futile. Exceedingly futile.
BackgroundIt began with a simple consumer feedback survey…A simple survey that would change the world forever! All it took was one wayward splash of radioactive waste upon a sample of hickory-smoked, thick cut bacon, and the life of one mild-mannered, 64 foot-tall coyote girl from rural America would be changed! Mankind dabbled with the atom, dangerously danced with devious devices and frightening physics and for his insolence, created a monster unlike the world had ever seen! Remmyzilla! A gigantic part-coyote, part scaly monstrosity that stomps across the earth destroying, devouring, and melting all before her! From the moment of her creation she sought only to destroy! 640 feet of fluffy, giggling, roaring horror, she rose from the rubble of the gymnasium, and with a monstrous howl-roar that left all below reeling in the destruction; she set out on her first rampage! Nowhere before had such destruction and devastating doom been witnessed! Paws like meteors mashing mercilessly through a myriad of shattering, shimmering structures and crumbly, crunchy cars! Massed military might powerless to stop the catastrophic cataclysm of the colossal canine kaiju as she turned the city into ash and craters in mere hours! With a roaring giggle and a fang-filled, atomic grin, she waved goodbye to the forgotten life of a college student studying to become a teacher and one day educate the budding youth of America, and stomped a greeting to the monstrous future that lay ahead! Remmyzilla! (now playing in theaters everywhere)
Likes buses, cars, semi-trucks, semi-trucks full of food, boats, helicopters, planes, subway trains, regular trains, submarines, tanks, skyscrapers, apartment buildings, houses, towns, cities, harbors, stomping and or nomming all of the above, beaches, swimming, being filmed by news helicopters, being huge, roaring,breathing fire, warm fuzzy things, snuggling (in destructive ways), paw rubs, bacon, cookies, candy, naps, wrecking cities (or making them better as she views it), causing the apocalypse (repeatedly sometimes).
DislikesBeing told not to do something, flying, how regular people can't seem to sync their words with their mouth movements whenever she's around (side effect of the b-movie radiation), vegetables, semi-trucks full of vegetables, macros or kaiju that don't want to snuggle, anyone else who don't want to snuggle, the color periwinkle.
LocationAnywhere that needs smashing!
OccupationProfessor of Rampage. (Phd. Md. Esq.)
Additional InfoIf you promise her a starring role in a monster movie trilogy, she MIGHT not destroy your city! But be sure to back up your promise or it will NOT end well for anyone!