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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFlynn
SpeciesSpace Cat
Height6 inches
Weight1.88 ounces
SummaryMeet Flynn, a gray and black striped space cat who owns a space deli in the 25th century. He's also 6 inches tall. Don't touch his fedora. Seriously. He means it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGray fur w/black stripes
Hair Colourno "hair", just a few enlarged tufts of spiked fur atop his head between his ears
Eye Colouryellow-green
Clothingultra-crazy awesome fedora. Other than the flipping sweet hat, he wears a dark blue v-neck shirt made with advanced polymers that blah blah blah blah blah and it's integrated with a holographic display that replaces a name tag so that people can actually read his name without squinting, and a pair of quantum-cargo shorts that have pockets which digitally break down whatever's put into them to increase storage capacity to over 50,000 cubic feet per pocket. Unfortunately the "stitching" on his clothing glows green, an annoying feature that he's never been able to get rid of. Because everything in the future just HAS to glow! Or be chrome.
AccessoriesAwesome Fedora
WeaponryFlynn never carries weaponry on him, due to being unable to get the necessary permits, but he does keep a stun phaser on hand in his deli just in case some rather unsavory folks, such as hypercorporate tactical lawyers, stop by and "offer" to buy out his deli.
Special AbilitiesSandwich making skills. That counts for something right?

Personality & Background

PersonalityNormally, Flynn is quite nice. A bit irritable or sarcastic at times and easily frustrated, but for the most part he's an upbeat and friendly feline. Unless you take his hat. May the gods have mercy on you if you take his hat. Why? Nobody really knows for sure, but he'll go Liam Neeson on you if you do. Or more likely, he'll just gripe a lot and look flustered!
BackgroundFlynn owns a sandwich shop. In space. In the 25th century. In space. This is made difficult due to the fact that he's only 6 inches tall. Luckily, he has access to an array of sweet future space technology which eases the burden of being a tiny and catering to much, much larger patrons, as well as just going about his life. There's the class IV (inanimate objects only) size-adjustment mechanism which he uses to grow sandwiches, napkins, and such up to the proper size for his customers, most of whom are normal-scale individuals. His supply of lunch meats, cheeses, breads, and other condiments are all preserved in a time-dilation refrigeration unit which locally slows down the passage of time by a factor of 1000 to preserve the foodstuffs almost indefinitely. Unfortunately, this device occasionally will malfunction and results in his space deli traveling into the past or future. Usually this isn't an issue, but he has been stuck floating in space around Earth in the 21st century for extended periods of time. Apparently, NASA was quite concerned about this. Flynn would rather not talk about it. Another handy gadget at his disposal is a personal deflector shield, which comes in quite handy whenever he's in a public place and at risk of getting stepped on. Although it's not 100% stomp proof, it does provide enough protection to keep him out of the space hospital! Another handy function is personal atmosphere generation, which allows him to make easy repairs to his space deli without need of bulky, ugly space suits. Flynn has lived on his own since he as 19. Having no desire to stay with his family on a micro colony in the Rings of Saturn, he struck out for the Alpha Centauri system to earn his fortune. Unfortunately, due to his diminutive size, there wasn't much in the way of fortune or glory to be had. So instead he went to space business school and converted an old Space RV into his Space Deli where he mostly serves sandwiches to Space Hipsters. Still, he enjoys what he does and makes a comfortable living off of it. His craft, The Galactic Hoagie, is capable of faster-than-light travel, which makes runs between star systems in order to visit his home system, try out new locations, or even just to get to that one really really good restaurant supply place in the Arcturus System relatively quick and easy. Flynn is fairly skilled at programming nanites, nanoscopic robots used for anything from healing cuts to breaking down large, complex pieces of machinery. Funnily enough, several corporate sandwich shops, who shall not be named, that have tried to set up near his deli had developed chronic, debilitating technological issues and were forced to close. Totally had nothing to do with him. Flynn takes his sandwiches very, very seriously. He uses only the finest vat-grown meats, bakes his own hoagie rolls, won't use yellow mustard (it's a crime against sandwiches apparently), and no, he doesn't deliver. His dedication to sandwiches is perhaps a bit excessive, but he has a loyal customer base across several star systems, a 9.2/10 on Space Zagat, and a 4.7/5 on Space Yelp! His Deli is always closed on the fourth day of each space week in observance of the Totally Flipping Radical Second Ascension of Zoe, Goddess of Technology, which involves leaving out a cup of coffee and chilling in the holo-room playing video games all day. Important stuff that is.
LikesSandwiches, fresh baked bread, making sandwiches, people who tip, repeat customers who aren't jerks, his hat, that one resturaunt supply place in the Arcturus System
DislikesYellow mustard, tactical lawyers, Space Hipsters, customers who don't tip, annoying customers