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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDane
Weight122lb/ Human Form: 147lb
SummaryA being from different dimension that travels around various dimensions exploring the life and beings that inhabit it.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis skin is pure jetblack, leathery-like. It's formed by not just cells, a sticky black liquid that his species was born with. Poking it, one would only feel his skin. Dane would have to scatter his particles to turn himself into his liquid form. In his human form, he's a Caucasian.
Hair ColourIn his human form his has jaw length blond hair, that happens to be naturally spiky at the ends.
Eye ColourIn his human form he has vibrant blue eyes that easily stun bystanders once he takes his shades off.
ClothingHe usually wears a large black cloak around him with the hood on. In his human form, he wheres a elegant suit, and a black tie. Although he doesn't wear dress shoes, just black boots.
AccessoriesIn his human form he wears a pair of square rimmed shades, usually for show. He rarely takes them off. He also wears a watch, but the watch is mostly for analyzing things and scanning information, you say his mini-computer.
Weaponry Dane can shape shift any body part of his to create a weapon in that area. He can turn himself into a bomb, he would explode and soon form back as his scattered bits of liquid would gather back, but with him harmed. He can transform his arm into a massive energy blast cannon. Although he cannot do this in his human form.
Special AbilitiesThe ability to manipulate his body into anything he desires.
Outstanding FeaturesHis genetic build up.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDane is a interesting, out going, egotistical son of a gun. He enjoys acting like a total jerk to people, but he still has a soft spot for the people he cares about. Even acts like a total smart ass, but his personality is tolerable. Although he doesn't have a filter between his head and mouth and will say things aren't gentlemen like, but he doesn't really care what others think of him. He only cares about himself and the people he loves.
BackgroundDane comes from a post-apocalyptic world that has just finished getting out of biological war. His entire family died due to the different diseases that were used in the war. Including his friends. No one actually seen him cry, although he has went missing for a while ever since he saw his own loved ones die before him. He now lives alone, with no home. Just walking forward, wanting to explore the ends of the universe. Being one of the younger scientist he had a mind of creativity and made the idea of transporting through a portal possible.
LikesDane enjoys exploring, eating, goofing off, sleeping, being lazy, flirting, and being a little perv at points when he gets the sights of a lovely being.
DislikesDane dislikes people who act like they're smarter than him, his past, talking about his family and friends, war, and people who who want to try and kill the new people he has met.
LocationHe's a nomad.
OccupationA young scientist.
Additional InfoHe's one tough son of a gun~

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote''Hmm.. Interesting~''