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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZeus Vronti
SpeciesAnthro shiny Luxray
Age20 (Immortal)
Height8 ft 1 (Varies)
Weight422 lbs (Varies)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack and yellow
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourNormally Gold but it changes depending upon emotion. For example, if Zeus is angry his eye colour will turn red.
ClothingThe only thing that is really consistent about Zeus' clothing is his sandals. He never wears a shirt or anything to cover his torso. The only other piece of clothing that Zeus wears is a pair of shorts or a loincloth. He alternates between the two depending on his mood.
Special AbilitiesGodly abilities (see F - List)
Outstanding FeaturesBeing an anthro shiny Luxray and being a God at that.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm, somewhat arrogant, intelligent and quiet
BackgroundZeus Vronti is a Poke-morph, specifically a shiny Luxray. His past is largely shrouded in a lot of mystery that he himself does not understand, nor does he actually know his proper name (the only name that he knows was the one given to him by his abductors). His abductors, who have remained largely anonymous to Zeus and his few friends have changed him immensely and altered him a lot, to the point that he was no longer the same person. He has no memory of anything before the age of 11, the only thing he remembers is his abductors and the experiments that were inflicted upon him. Zeus cannot remember his family, friends or anything about his true life... not even his name. Zeus only has the most vague of information to go on about his abductors, the fact that they wanted to turn him into a man made Poke-morph God. The reason for this is largely unclear but Zeus believes that they wished to use him in to conquer the world. They failed in using him as a weapon but they did succeed in changing him completely and in making Zeus into a God. The power he has also expands and grows as time goes on, meaning that Zeus is never likely to face a serious challenge from anybody. Unless of course he ever runs into a being of equal or greater power. Another interesting piece of trivia about Zeus is that he has quite a high sex drive. The reason for this is unknown but Zeus believes that is is likely that his abductors wanted him to 'make' more Gods like him with other Pokemon that Zeus can mate with. He also got a lot of 'unwanted' sexual fetishes too (listed below) although Zeus disagrees with this, as he does not tend to value any life but for his few friends and allies. The changes might have been good for Zeus, but not for those who he considers his enemies, or anyone for that matter. Because of the experiments and becoming a God he became much more detached towards others and he has an extreme lack of remorse for his actions. He is cruel and evil towards those who he sets his sights on, he loves to secure dominance and control over others. If you are unlucky enough to have him as a foe... just run, because he will make you feel pain and terror before the end. Despite this sheer lack of remorse Zeus is not inherently evil, he is more Neutral than anything else. Just do not run into him when he is Horny, angry or bored. You may likely be injured in the process of the Godly shiny Luxray trying to entertain himself using you, or worse. Zeus is a lot less careful with his enemies or people he does not know whilst in this mood. However with his friends he is somewhat careful and cautious. Zeus has used his abilities and powers against others before and it usually means instant victory for the shiny Luxray, he has yet to experience defeat and he is a little bit of a perfectionist. If you are lucky enough to earn his trust Zeus can be the greatest of allies and friends. He will defend you to the bitter end and will fight all of your battles for you. Because lets face it... nobody is going to beat a God...
Likes- Peace and quiet - Solitude - Bacon - 'Enjoying' himself - Sandals - Perfecting anything - Sports - Friends and allies
Dislikes- Salad - People he does not know - Not being able to 'Enjoy' himself - Being told to get a bath - Loud noise - Arrogant people
OccupationGodly Nomad

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Mortals are consistently good at one thing, bugging the shit out of me"

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