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Kinda old and not my best...just a quick thing I did for a reference, working on another one right now.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRed.
SpeciesHuman maybe? He won
AgeSomewhere between 19-23..maybe...?
SummaryStanding at about five feet tall, you see what appears to be a young human male. His body looks a bit slender and almost feminine but lacking the curves, no His hair is a bright red color that looks unnatural like something most would not be able to have without the aid of some kind of dye. He wears a long sleeved buttoned up shirt and black pants that go over a pair of short black boots. His eyes are mismatched...the left one is a bright red color similar to his hair while the right is a bright yellow and appears to be missing the pupil. His face has a bored and tired expression.

Outward Appearance

Hair ColourHis hair is a bright red color similar to that of an apple, the hair is natural though.
Eye ColourHis left eye is red while the right is yellow and missing a pupil.
ClothingHis outfit consists of a blood red button up shirt with long sleeves, a pair of black pants with some short black boots.
WeaponryNot a fan of fighting with weapons or at all, but despite his short and slender build he is more than capable of fighting bare handed. He does own a butterfly knife that seems capable of damaging weapons of others while the blade completely phases through any organic material as if it wasn't there. Only uses this tactic to force an attacker to fight without a weapon in dire situations.
Special AbilitiesAdvanced Cooking: Ability to make foods and drinks that have the abilities to give those who eat them different boosts such as strength, speed, endurance, etc.
Outstanding FeaturesStrange stitches around the wrist on his right hand, as well around each finger. If one looks closely at the collar of his shirt the same thing appears to be around the area between his neck and chest. He has no scent or presence making him a bit sneaky.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMost of the time quiet and a bit shy, his personality varies from cynical and dark to something a bit happier...but he is friendly. He has a hard time trusting anyone, but he can be very loyal and close to those who earn it. It's rare to see him actually get angry or excited.
LikesSweets, Sleep, Books...main three I guess...
DislikesLoud noises, obnoxious people, being submerged in water, people standing right behind him, anything hot, and mirrors.
LocationWandering aimlessly in this strange world, no place to call his own.
OccupationOdd jobs usually, mostly works in the kitchen of any restaurant that would hire him.

Just for Fun