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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSabine
SpeciesGerman Shepard
Height500 feet but she can shrink down to 5 feet when she wants to blend in.
Weight125 lbs or 62,500 tons depending on height.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe's mostly tan with some darker brown, as German Shepards tend to be.
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBright green
ClothingA green camo tank top with tank treads for straps and cargo shorts
AccessoriesA necklace made of various calibers of artillery shells, from small 35mm rounds all the way up to an immense Schwerer Gustav round as the centerpiece. This, along with the rest of her clothes, scales with her when she changes sizes.
WeaponryShe doesn't carry weapons on her person, but she is quite proficient at operating most military vehicles, along with a wide variety of artillery.
Special AbilitiesShe can change sizes, and seems to have the most extraordinary luck when it comes to enemy rounds missing her.
Outstanding FeaturesBeing 500 feet tall

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe tends to be rather serious and stoic, but she underneath her German-ness there is certainly a playful side.
BackgroundA short summary: She started off in WWI, leading an early tank division, and was doing incredibly well. However, one night in 1917 as she was in the trench outside the bunker she had been sleeping in, she was killed by an artillery shell that had landed almost directly on top of her, and brought before the gods of war (Mars, Odin, and Shiva). They had been impressed with her phenomenal leadership and tactics, and offered her a position to oversee this new type of mechanized war. Having accepted her position, the gods sent her back with a brand new body identical to the one that had just been blown to pieces. This prompted her comrades to have a whole new respect for her, since "Unbesiegbar Sabine" had not only apparently survived a direct hit by artillery, she didn't have a scratch on her. Sabine herself however, wasn't exactly sure if what she had experienced had even happened, and decided not to tell anyone about it for fear of being deemed crazy. For the rest of the war (which was in its closing stages by then) she started to believe that what she had seen had really happened, as after the incident outside the bunker, her very presence seemed to deter the enemy's aim. More than one dud artillery shell landed directly at her feet, and she was alerted by a sniper's presence by the sound of a bullet thwacking into something right behind her too many times to count. However even her leadership wasn't enough to win the war, and after the end of the war she was dismayed to find that her homeland had to foot the bill.
LikesTanks, artillery, explosions, 10.5 cm HE rounds, the Schwerer Gustav, the word "panzerkampfwagen", and when things go according to plan
DislikesThe French, being flanked, running out of ammo, the National Socialist party, and people who mess with her tanks
LocationWherever she wants to be, seeing as she's a goddess after all.
OccupationShe does war goddess things.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote" 1918 was the year Germany paid the price for a war started when a Bosnian shot an Austrian."