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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSouth
SpeciesSnow Leopard
Height890 feet usually, can be as large as 9101 feet or as small as 26 feet
Weight251.2 kilotons
SummaryFluffy, huge, a bit cranky. She likes stir fried things, graffiti, stompin' around, and doing whatever she wants. Just don't tell her dad.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSnow leopard colors! Gray and white with dark spots, however she has a bit of a blue hue in her.
Hair ColourBlack, short, spiked hair bleached blue at the tips
Eye ColourGray
ClothingAlthough her wardrobe varies, her usual attire is a red and black plaid skirt of a fairly short length (le gasp), a dark colored tank top (with or without a skull on it), and a plaid over shirt. Occasionally she'll wear a skeleton-patterned sleeveless hoodie rather than shirts if it strikes her fancy!
AccessoriesTwo earrings on each ear, eyebrow piercing, lip piercing, bellybutton piercing, toe ring, spike bracelets, and a studded necklace/collar. All of her jewelery opens up to store "little friends" inside of. Also a hip chain. Because hip chains are cool.
WeaponryFlooftail 'o doom!
Special AbilitiesShe can sort-of size-change, although it takes a good 10 minutes of serious concentration to get anywhere with it! Sometimes she gets "lucky" and it happens at random!
Outstanding FeaturesBiiiiiig floofy tail 'o doom!

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's a baaaaad kitty! Enjoys a good romp through a city, rather enjoys micros in her meals, not good for property values, doesn't respect authority, paints graffiti on entire city blocks, the list goes on! She's a nice girl down at heart, but she really doesn't seem to like rules!
BackgroundSouth is a clone. Sortof. The "Scientist" who created her had for some reason attemtped to clone a fellow by the name of North, an extremely grumpy snow leopard ( http://furbase.bigfurs.com/display.php?id=4361 ), but due to some unexplained interference, the results were not as intended; the clone was not only female, but also 890 feet tall! Her "Dad" was then legally responsible and attempted to make her into a good girl. She...rebelled quite strongly and even though she is still able to be punished with grounding and revocation of cooking utensils, she mostly does whatever she wants to; mostly lazing about in the midst of a city and stomping on people! Or making delicious, giant-sized foods!
LikesStir fry, not listening to directions, disrespecting authority, stomping around, being enormous, doing whatever she damn well pleases no matter how much her "dad" yells at her for it, lazing about in sports stadiums, micros (though not in a good way for them), cities, fine food, seeing herself on the news (Which happens fairly frequently), and cold weather.
DislikesHeat waves, when news helicopters ignore her rampaging, excessive snuggles, heat waves, rain.
LocationSomewhere in North America!