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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNarcissa
SpeciesCorgi FROM HELL
Height4 feet 6 inches (or bigger or smaller as the situation demands it, up to around 1000 feet tall)
SummaryNarcissa isn't your typical demoness. Instead of torturing the souls of the damned, she sells flower arrangements in a small town in the mortal world! She must wear gardening gloves at all times to avoid her flowers bursting into flames and withering. Cheery, upbeat, and almost bubbly on the surface, but quite dark and true to her origins as you dig deeper into her personality.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur is normal corgi colors; light brown and creamy white on her front with a black patch down her back and shoulders. Her pads appear to be lava and are a swirling red and orange
Hair ColourBlack and streaked with firey red, her straight hair is kept straight and short, just above her neck, with two thin strands of hair down the side of her head.
Eye ColourRed, that goes for the iris and pupil
ClothingA purple floral-print apron worn over a sleeveless, mid-thigh length black dress. And almost always a pair of generic gardening/work gloves
AccessoriesSkull necklace with a pentagram pendant. Very trendy from her neck of the woods; the tiny skulls may or may not be real, she just giggles and winks when asked about it. Obsidian hoop earrings, at least 3 on each ear. She also has a silver circlet on her tail engraved with patterns of some unspecified significance.
Outstanding FeaturesInstead of a normal corgi tail, she has a long, spaded demon tail. On her head she has two sets of horns; one long and curvy like a ram's, and one short and pointy like a goat's.

Personality & Background

Personality Cheery, upbeat, and almost bubbly on the surface, but quite dark and true to her origins as you dig deeper.
BackgroundNarcissa grew up in the underworld as a promising young demoness who was on track to become a successful torturer of the damned, but she became disenfranchised with demon society and wanted to leave. Unfortunately, she feared retribution for abandoning her home, and didn't initially have the guts to do so, and also feared what the mortal realm might hold. However, she happened upon the damned soul of a florist turned serial killer and decided that she wanted to open a flower shop up on the mortal plane after hearing the story of his life; and then she ate his soul to gather enough power to open a portal out of hell. This had issues initially as she soon discoverd that every plant she touched burst into flames or withered and died. Eventually she figured out that by wearing a set of gardening gloves at all times while in her flower shop, she could touch her merchandise and actually do what she dreamed of doing. She has not fully adjusted to the mortal world, and finds conversing with average mortals sometimes difficult due to her tendency to reference devouring souls of the damned and whatnot. Quite normal where she comes from, but not exactly ordinary in the mortal plane! She has however, developed a love for cinnamon candies, and is rarely seen not chewing some. Also, shoplifters beware, she has a VERY good security system (Her demonic powers), and does NOT take kindly to those who try and wrong her and will punish those who wrong her with the unholy fury of a demoness...because obviously.
LikesFlowers, cinnamon candy, springtime, ultra-violent horror movies, sappy romance novels.
DislikesShe'll be sure to let you know!
LocationSitting on the shoulder of an impressionable mortal