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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLana
SpeciesSnow Leopard
Weight105 lbs.
SummaryStanding 5'2", Lana is a snow leopardess that knows what she likes, and what she likes is the thought that someday, she might find a way to shrink. Encouraged by her overwhelmingly tall and voluptuous family, simply by being around them, not to mention the numerous times the theme has popped up in popular culture, Lana now waits for the day when she might actually lose even the slightest inch of height. Of course, her fantasies have her far, far smaller. Aside from that, though, she's more or less your average leopardess.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey and white with spots. The standard Snow Leopardess stuff.
Hair ColourBlack, straight, down to her mid-back.
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingGenerally enjoys wearing baggy clothes. Is especially fond of loose, casual tees and shorts tied off at the waist. Is also fond of blouses, and isn't opposed to a dress.
AccessoriesNormally, she doesn't have any, but she is fond of necklaces and bracelets. When they fit, of course.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLana can occasionally be somewhat sarcastic, but is nevertheless always eager to make a good friend. While she'd never consider herself socially outgoing, she does have an adventurous side, one that comes out most frequently when she finds herself any smaller than her base height. It's also pretty easy to lure her into an affectionate mood.
BackgroundEver since she was younger, Lana has always fantasized about the possibility of losing even an inch of height. An overbearing family constantly looming over her didn't do much to stifle this little interest of hers, but as she grew, Lana's love of miniaturization led to a full-blown microphilia. Despite this, for now, all she can do is fantasize; all potential methods she's tried over the years are either overly expensive pieces of technology, fake vials that wind up simply containing some off-brand cream soda rather than the shrinking potion she expected, or magic spells that are just flat out impossible. Still, she keeps a ruler by her bedroom door, measures herself every morning, and has gotten so good at creating videos of herself holding a camera from above and making it look like she's a foot or so shorter than she actually is that she's actually picked up a talent at digital special effects. She's obsessed with the possibility that she might someday live out her fantasy. Aside from that, she's your pretty average young snow leopardess.
LikesShrinking, first and foremost. She literally has folders filled with both videos and documents detailing it. Aside from that? She's a fan of comics, animation, games...most media, even if she isn't familiar with it, she tends to seek it out. She also has a bit of a sweet tooth, and a penchant for cooking, even if she's just starting out.
DislikesShe's not as much a fan of growing, herself, though she definitely doesn't mind those who are bigger than her. She has a tendency to be a bit introverted, so she's not as much a fan of large crowds...unless you're talking size. Loud music, being pressured into things...it's not like there's a particularly long lost of things.
LocationUsually at home, but isn't exactly a shut-in.

Just for Fun