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Vital Statistics!

Character NameYakut Tokani
SpeciesNorthern Sergal
WeightHow rude!
SummaryAn ex-fighter of Rain Silves' army!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark but pale purple with the usual white sergal markings, nothing special.
Eye ColourMid-grey
ClothingNone preferably! But if it's needed, a simple shirt and loose pants. Always too big.
AccessoriesHandmade bracelets on both wrists.
WeaponryA voulge polearm
Special AbilitiesIllusionist spells... Ghost Sounds, Displacement, Nightmare, Blur, Phantasmal Strangler, and Vertigo

Personality & Background

PersonalityGenerally friendly and easy to talk to. Can be brutal in battle.
BackgroundYakut was born into Clan Kikkomo in the city of Korsran. From a young age, she was a fan of the Brutal General Rain Silves and strived to be under her direct control. She managed to get a good place in the army and was even a part of the unit that stormed the Sailzane Desert, where the worst was endured. Though hardened by battle, nearly losing her life caused her to flee without warning to Kishir Matadia. There she was taught by a Nevrean the magic of illusions and how to travel great distances, even from world to world, with the power of a lesser and otherworldly deity known as Mordekai.
LikesVore! ... and also fighting sometimes. But mostly making new friends and talking.
DislikesRude people and furs.
LocationPennsylvania (on Earth!), or Kishir Matadia
Additional InfoMated.

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