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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKirrin Shadowclaw
SpeciesTiger (Incubus)
Height6ft. 4in.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite with black stripes,
Hair ColourGrey, hair is mid length.
Eye ColourGreen
Clothingalmost always wears a brown leather vest and a pair of dark brown khaki slacks with a black leather belt around it. (subject to change depending on mood and neccessity
Accessoriesa box of matches and an old metal Cigar box that holds up to five cigars
Weaponrytwo pairs of brass knuckles, throwing needles hidden in his Cigar case a few throwing knives hidden in the cuffs of his slacks. Also carries a broadsword and Kukri. Lastly he carries a bit of flash paper on him, not much in the way of a weapon but it can provide a blinding surprise and lay work for a follow up of a nasty suprise.
Special AbilitiesAmong his natural cubi abilities he does wield several magics of thief design and a natural ability to pickpocket with his wings. Has command over a range of elemental magics but prefers fire or energy magics at times.
Outstanding FeaturesThe fact that he has a pair of bat like wings sticking out of his back and a smaller set coming out of the top of his head unless they are hidden.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe can be a nice enough guy when he wants, not often though. likes to provoke folks just so he can knock them about and beat them senseless or even kill them but if you manage to make him a friend, consider yourself lucky because he is fiercely loyal. Though alot of folks consider him a smart ass.
BackgroundGrew up as part of Tauns tribe, liveing for merely battles and fun, though he is a more obscure member of the clan. Has gone out and gotten into thievery and a bit of murder. though he isn't stupid enough to draw to much attention to himself with adventurers or other potential enemies. Mainly he has kept himself out of the main stay for anyone to notice him his love life is so far non existent., tried once but ended up having to break it off with the girl because she was quite clingy other than that, he can be found at the local bars when he isn't planning a good round of thefts. Recently snagged a ticket aboard a luxury cruise dirigible, having pulled it right from the unsuspecting fellows front pocket. if anything he figures it'll be a good chance to amass his riches more.
Likesfun, smoking his cigars, a little drinking, stealing and fighting, playing a good game of darts, cards or pool and reading novels based on his own race cause a lot make him laugh
Dislikesbeing too calm and adventurers. He strongly dislikes the fact that he seems weak, his body not being impenetrable like he would prefer since most common weapons have a good enough effect on him if he doesn't manage to dodge them. Not to mention he hates being cold and is used to warmer weather Ice magic really bothers him none the less and will slow him down if not stop him entirely.
Locationcurrently wandering/flying from place to place
Occupationnone, depends on thievery and fights for money/food
Additional InfoHis build is slightly muscular in an athletic way. He spends his free time hanging out with anyone who'll tolerate him, his usual hang outs being bars where he plays pool or darts, hoping for a fight to break out. Loves to read novels about the cubi race as well

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteAsk not for whom the bell tolls, Ask why is that guy holding his ears?