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Vital Statistics!

Character NameElizabeth Rightly
SpeciesOne o' th' little scallywags with th' mask on their faces!
GenderShe be a woman!
AgeAs old as th' floorboard upon me ship!
Height5'4" to 600 feet
WeightIf ye ever be findin' out that fact ye'd best be a swift runner.
SummaryTitanic Terror o' th' Seven Seas!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTh' pleasant black n' greyish-white that her family's species be well known fer!
Hair ColourAs red as the lovely skies at sunset.
Eye ColourAs gold as the dubloon's in her chest.
ClothingA light blue dress with plenty o' frills that cuts off at th' knees. It be made of only th' finest materials, stolen of course from an indiaman bound for Essex. She wears knee high leather boots with a buckle and a small, stubby heel. And, when th' situation calls fer it she will lace up her corset, slip on her gorgeous red n' black trimmed ball gown with black heels and white elbow-long gloves.
AccessoriesMiss Rightly be in th' possession o' one rather large ruby pendant that sits snugly 'round her neck.
WeaponryShe be finely trained in th' skill of swordplay. Preferring th' finesse o' th' rapier to th' brutality o' th' cutlass. Her ship, th' Sword of Titan, be a 38 gun frigate o' menacing report. Th' ship and 'er crew can size shift along with th' captain, letting them take down th' most powerful o' Royal Navy vessels like they were mere toys. However, unlike th' captain herself, the crew can only change size with her aboard and at her will, and only upon th' ship, meaning that boarding manuevers are usually done after th' crew of the enemy ship has been dealt with.
Special AbilitiesSize shiftin'

Personality & Background

PersonalityElizabeth be brash, o' course as her job would entail, however she can make proper conversation when th' situation calls fer it. As a matter of fact she normally be a very pleasant person to chat with, provided she doesn't 'ave her sword pointed at yer throat. And even then all ye need do is surrender yer cargo!
BackgroundShe was born to Scottish-English nobility in 1740 and was to be married off to a 40 year old Royal Navy captain once she'd turned 16. Elizabeth, quite understandably, did not wish to be married to such a man, and so the night before she was due to begin her voyage to the caribbean, where they would be married, she paid a visit to an old woman, rumored to be a witch. The woman was sympathetic to Elizabeth's story, and gave her the ruby, which she said would grant her massive amounts of power over anyone whenever she needed it. And so, the night before they were due to land in port, Elizabeth worked up the nerve to slip the ruby on and found herself growing until she stood half as tall as th' main mast! Using her newfound power, she lead a successful mutiny against the captain, setting him and a few of his officers adrift on a rowboat and taking command of the boat for herself. Over the next few years she and her crew earned a fearsome reputation and were feared by both merchantman and military ship alike. However, one day they simply vanished off the face of the earth. There were reports that the ship entered into a 'portal' of some sort, but these are largely unfounded. The more likely scenario is the ship being sunk by a particularly bad storm that was reported around the time of its disappearance, though no wreck has ever been located.
LikesBooty, adventure, a spot of tea on a cold night, the sea, the stars.
DislikesAuthority, the Royal Navy, empty merchant vessels, a poor wind.
OccupationA most noble corsair!