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Vital Statistics!

Character NameEric Hannigan
SpeciesDingo (Undead)
Age227yrs (Alive for 35yrs Dead for 192yrs)
Height6ft 2in

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is a golden brown with a nearly creme white color going from his chin down his belly.
Hair ColourHis hair is jet black is of average length and Styled as such that it parts to the left.
Eye ColourHis eyes are solid black, save for the iris which is red. One may notice his pupils are shaped like diamonds (not the gem but the kind one would find in a deck of cards )
ClothingEric wears simply a dark brown pair of cargo pants with a black leather belt around his waist. a pair of solid black combat-style boots that have steel on the Heel and toes. Also wears a green long sleeve button up shirt with a black vest which has a red star with a dingo skull and crossed Daggers in it on the back. Also a pair of fingerless black gloves and a typical Brown Australian style hat With the right side of them brim bent skyward (For lack of a better name i simply call it the bushman's hat)
AccessoriesA pair of sapphire tinted box framed glasses. A gold pocket watch on a chain. A quiver for arrows(on certain occasions in his life/un-life) A Canteen. (Carried more out of habit more than anything else.) A small screwdriver and a few pins.
WeaponryHe usually carries a crossbow with a satchel for the bolts as well as a standard yew long bow. Also carries on him a pair of Daggers, one at each side. Throwing knives hidden in his vest.
Special AbilitiesHe has a few basic magics at his disposal mainly elemental and stun magic abel to create a barrier to keep those with the ability to do so from reading his mind. Has a strange ability with projectiles, usually able to fire off or avoid some but not all projectiles. with amazing accuracy. Knows also how to pick a lock or two.
Outstanding FeaturesBesides the fact that he's a walking corpse would be the fact that his middle is mainly filled with one type of stuffing or another since most of his organs have been lost one way or another. The end of his left ear is also missing.

Personality & Background

PersonalityEric is a friendly fellow, willing to make small talk with any who desire to do so, they say he is loyal to a fault but none are really willing to say what that fault is. Does seem rather cold when he is on a job.
BackgroundEric was always an adventurous type of person, he himself being an Orphan since he was 8yrs old. He was taken in by a school for 'supposed' adventurers which taught him to fight hand to hand and with various weapons. Excelling quite well, Eric eventually graduated and became a contract killer at the young age of 17 He spent years crafting his reputation and furthering his weapon prowess between jobs. Then one fateful night he was hired to kill someone beyond his ability to handle, being a little arrogant he was over confident and that is how he ended up in a grave spending a mere week underground before being resurrected, after his memories came flooding back to him he hasn't taken time to learn how he was brought back from the dead. Since then Eric has returned to taking contracts to kil various folks though this time he is far more careful. His new condition being a sort of weakness in itself, someone skilled enough could easily incapacitate then kill him. (again) He really despises the fact that he is dead and has been looking for a way to fully restore his life.
LikesRelaxing at an inn, or sometimes up amongst the branches of a tree. Likes to make friends among most thing and is quite a nice guy. Likes to hangout in public places as well to watch the normal people and some creatures go about their lives.
DislikesPeople who interfere with him when he is 'working' or if he fails in finishing a job. The fact that he is dead with all the weakness that it brings.
LocationUsually found in a place called The Dartmouth Inn
OccupationAdventurer/killer for hire
Additional InfoBefore his death he was a man of average muscle build and strength though the advantage of his undead state has managed to increase his strength a good deal.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteYou think it's lucky i can celebrate both the day i started 'and' stopped living because why?!