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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMarci Kensworth
SpeciesCoyote (Succubus)
Height6' 9"

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown with a tan color running from her chin down her belly there being a little grey along the top of her tail
Hair ColourMidnight blue it being long enough to reach her shoulder blades
Eye ColourHazel
ClothingShe has two outfits she prefers over all. The first outfit is a forest green dress with a pair of long white cloves that reach her elbows that she generally wears for formal occasions. Her second outfit is a two-tone purple and white tight midriff t-shirt that shows off her belly and ample bosom along with a pair of tight black leather pants with a dark brown leather belt around her waist, a pair of black fingerless gloves on her hands. (She does have other outfits to change into as needed of course.)
AccessoriesA pair of silver colored rectangle framed shades with Emerald green lenses. A 24 karat gold necklace with an equally golden heart shaped locket that has a picture of her parents in one side and a picture of her younger sister Stacey in the other. A quiver for arrows and a satchel with a set of throwing knives in it.
WeaponryA masamune style katana, a short sword with a bow and throwing knives for long range.
Special AbilitiesAmong her natural cubi abilities she knows a small range of other spells such as stunning spells and offense such as Ice and lightning, she also can conjure light for her to see by.
Outstanding FeaturesThe pairs of light grey wings she has on her back and the top of her head as well the symbol of the clan Nact'larn that is on the back of her right hand, which is the main reason she wears gloves to hide it rather than having to paint or cover it with makeup.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMarci is a happy easy going gal maybe even a little bit of a seductress as members of her clan tend to be. Some believe her to be evil but it depends mostly on who you ask. (Watch out! She likes to steal clothes, even if they're still being worn.)
BackgroundMarci Grew up in a place called Aerino though her family once lived in a small village called nejik, (This town being less creature friendly though she didn't know that.) having moved when her mother decided to take a new job that was offered her, her father doing the same by becoming a courier for a local company. Marci thinking for quite some time, like most cubi do that she and her family were merely beings with wings. (As this is the story her parents told her and Stacey at the time.) As she grew into her twenties she adapted a more carefree wandering lifestyle going to parties with friends and enjoying life. But one day as often happens, during a party at a bar far out of town, Marci's headwings suddenly sprung from her head more or less 'ruining' the party as everyone seeing what she was ran for their lives. Marci herself barely making it out of the city the bar was in alive, the town guard having been called out as soon as the party goers began to run. Marci sustained many injuries in her frantic escape from the town. After her wounds had been tended to, her parents told her and Stacey everything, about what she and her family are (Along with what clan she is.) and some of her new skills. However she was sent to a certain Academy to learn her new abilities, close quarters self defense and weapon combat.(Stacey would obviously folow a couple years later. The Academy itself being where her clan symbol appeared, learning of her new found clan while at the academy, Marci Embraced it though didn't follow some of the hallmarks that the clan was known for. Once again she took to wandering about and even has done some adventuring, though not against her own kind. She has been known to steal a soul or two. Hearing about about a luxury liner from a friend, Marci began saving her money and doing extra jobs until finally able to purchase a ticket to the flame of freedom, barely managing to squeak by with enough money for a first class ticket. She hopes to board and get to having quite the bit of rest , relaxation and fun!
LikesFriends, family and fun among other things. Including a good game, reading, quite into music (She can play the guitar.) and despite not really needing to eat she loves cooking, for her friends and herself
DislikesThose who try to hurt her for being what she is or those who get in the way of her own endeavors.
LocationWandering makes it difficult to tell exactly, especially since she learned to fly/glide.
OccupationNothing permanent, she does sometimes take odd jobs.
Additional InfoMarci isn't invinceable she can be hurt by normal means just like most other cubi including with magics. Loves to Spend time with others whenever she gets a chance. Contrary to necessity she does sleep at times.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLife is Uncertain, eat Dessert first!