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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTarufu
SpeciesBolf (Bear and Wolf)
AgeUnknown (19 irl)
Height8 ft normally. Has ability to grow
WeightDepends. Normally about 1000 lbs
SummaryA beastly character of wolf/husky/lion. He's very burly, beefy and muscular. (But has slightly fat too, but shhh, he doesn't agree to that). He's a great warrior! Having strength as his main power and fights evil with a two-handed hammer as his weapon. He's very calm though often.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark grey with white/light grey highlights. White mane going around his neck and over his chest. White fur on the front torso and white paws and on the tip of the ears and tail. Rest of them and the body is dark grey.
Eye ColourBlue
ClothingWears different clothes time to time. When out on adventure he mostly wears some heavy armor. Drawing on that will come later. Casual clothes would be light brown shorts and a torn leather vest. But he wears different depeneding on the occasion
WeaponryTwo-handed hammer. Made out of Crystal Vibranium which is told to be the hardest metal found. It's a large gray and white hammer which is pretty heavy.
Special AbilitiesStrength is his main power. If he concentrates, he can turn into a big beast with twice the strength. Force punch is another ability of his, with blue flames glowing from his paws he discovered that he could move things as well.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm, Caring, Honorable, Reliable, Unbreakable, Has a big heart and are a little clumsy especially when girls are near.
BackgroundGrown up in the woods between Norway and Sweden. Seeking about his past. Been alone most of his time since his race wasn't that accepted among humans.
LikesGetting kissed by pretty girls. Pizza and cookies is his favorite food and adventure is always on his menu.
DislikesMean and evil people, expired food.
LocationTraveler but use to stay with his best friend Claude who's known as Big Bad Beast. Living in his room inside a huge space ship. But he loves being in the nature.

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