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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNegaSouth
SpeciesDracat (snow leopard dragon)
HeightUsually 890 feet, but up to ~9100 feet tall
WeightMany much weight
SummaryA frigid, barbarian warlord of a dracat! Exceedingly fluffy except where she's scaley, and with plenty of dangerous, pointy bits, not enough armor to be practical, and a mahoosive battlehammer for laying down the hurt when need be! She enjoys looting, pillaging, feasting, conquering, and mead.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is grayish-white, spotted black as is characteristic of a snow leopard. Her torso, underside of her tail, and soles of her broad, snowshoe-like paws are covered in broad, angular, icy blue scales.
Hair ColourBlack, short, broadly-spiked hair
Eye ColourGray
ClothingShe always wears her armor, which consists of a plated metal "skirt", cast and roughly embossed chestplate and shoulder pads, and metal bracers. She also has a more ceremonial armor set, essentially the same as her normal armor, but embedded with several kingdom's worth of jewels, gold, and other riches
AccessoriesEach ear has several large hoop earrings with dangling cages attached. She has a tongue stud, three lip piercings, and a various array of rings.
WeaponryA gigantic battlehammer.
Special AbilitiesShe has skills. Ice magic skills. Ice breath skills, temperature dropping skills, ice and snow manipulation skills, blizzard-making skills, oh and she can fly, which is pretty cool. (Get it? See what I did there? AH HA HA HA COMEDY)
Outstanding FeaturesIn addition to her scales, extra-sized, serrated claws, and decidedly huge fangs, She also spots a -very- large set of wings, large, curly horns, and an icy blue, forked, reptilian tongue. She's VERY fluffy, and very strong from, ya know, conquering things and fighting all the time; brutish in appearance, not enormously bulky, and certainly not lithe!

Personality & Background

PersonalityFairly gruff and a bit cold.Nega South is quite cocky, and her arrogance has proven to be her downfall on more occasions that she'll care to admit. Nevertheless, she knows she's got the size, muscle, and power to easily trounce the majority of her problems without much trouble! She isn't without honor, but it's held in reserve for only a few situations. She is however, rather affectionate and certainly not unkind to those she either views as an equal, a worthy opponent, or somebody whom she simply finds interesting! For the most part though, she's not the kind of person you'd invite to a tea party!
BackgroundNegaSouth’s world contains several races; humans, elves (other standard fantasy folk), and nomadic tribes of dracats led by brutal warlords who tower over the rest of their race, and all the other races somewhere around the 100 foot mark. (worldbuilding DONE!) South…is significantly taller than that. As a conveniently vague prophecy more or less foretold, an extra-huge individual would rise to power, bringing all the roaming tribes together under their iron grip, with the rest of the world following suit. The warlords of South’s tribe had been a dynasty for the past several hundred years, and wanted to keep it that way, so when she suddenly went from a meager peasant girl, to nearly 9 times taller than the largest warlord, they tried to kill her and drive her away. This didn’t go in their favor, and after a drawn-out battle with numerous slow-motion sequences, NegaSouth was victorious and quickly took command of her tribe. With the taste of victory still fresh and sweet, she marched her tribe across the frozen northern continent, conquering each and every dracat tribe, and pillaging and looting the settlements of other races that lived there. In the few years that followed, her empire expanded through her almost single-handed efforts. The mightiest armies ran in fear of her approach, kingdoms were, quite literally, shaken free of all their riches, young royals were held captive for exorbitant ransoms, and for South, life was pretty fantastic. With two of the world’s five continents firmly under her control, the towering brute of a snow leopard took a break from her pillaging and conquering to enjoy her literal mountains of plunder and relax. Unfortunately, it was during this time that the legions of arch mages, high priests, and various other powerful magic users she’d ‘volunteered’ to train her in the arcane arts and do various other things for her, bound together and staged a rebellion against her rule. Unfortunately, in their attempts to banish her to the netherworld (because just straight up killing her was totally out of the question and so tacky!), they merely managed to send her to present-day Earth; swapping her place with her doppelganger, South. Now, stranded in the modern world, she’s trying to rebuild some resemblance of a horde, and get used to how vastly different the world is from what she knows, while at the same time attempting to rebuild her empire and find a way back to her world
LikesKidnapping royalty, pillaging, looting, fighting, feasting, flying, the cold, snow and ice, gold, jewels, piles of gold and jewels, sleeping on piles of gold and jewels, raiding castles, conquering kingdoms, sacking kingdoms, lazing about, mead, lording over peasants.
DislikesHeat, humidity, opponents not taking battles seriously, dissent
OccupationDragon...snow leopard...barbarian...thing!
Additional Infoaka "The Empawress"