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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePetra
Height25 feet
Weight99.3 tons. Hey, she's made of granite after all!
SummaryBrought to life by a wizard in ye olde times to guard a castle from evil spirits and intruders, but instead of that she’s spent the centuries since lazing around, yelling at pigeons, people watching, attempting to rid her life of pigeons, and scaring the bejeezus out of people when she gets bored.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourmedium gray, like granite rock Her finger and toeclaws are a darker granite and her teeth white marble
Hair Colourvery, very dark purple, almost black. Obsidian.
Eye ColourDark dark quartz green
Special AbilitiesFlight, ability to be perfectly still indefinitely. When she gets rained on or wet, her stone body hydrates and softens, making it more like actual flesh instead of living rock.
Outstanding FeaturesTwo medium-length, slightly curved horns on top of her head, and a small, stubby horn on her snout. She has large, bat-like wings and a short, dragony tail.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLazy and aloof when it comes to her “job”, but when it comes to doing things she enjoys, I.E. vanquishing pigeons and scaring the crap out of unsuspecting people trying to use a building…a schemer to levels that would put a bond villain to shame. Often setting up elaborate Rube Goldberg devices in order to trap the “flying devil rats” as she calls them. Often times this results in a significant amount of property damage; missing HVAC units, bells from bell towers, shingles and cisterns dislodged…not to mention all the broken windows and rooftops. She’s yet to succeed.
BackgroundPetra was brought to life in the middle ages by a powerful wizard to guard the castle of a king. She got bored of guarding after about a week and decided to make her life more fun by seeing how badly she could scare castle guests, guards, and the royalty that lived there. Frequently she’d lounge across castle walls, sprawl across spires and use buttresses as hammock bases. Her aloof behaviour and disrespect for the king resulted in the same wizard who created her being ordered to turn her back into a statue. For years the wizard struggled to return Petra to a mere statue, but all his efforts were in vain and he was exiled to an island near Spain where he eventually invented 2-part epoxy and the modern masonry drill bit. She was “asked” to leave the castle many times, but each time she refused and ignored everyone from the groundskeeper, to the king himself. One thing led to another, and eventually they resorted to releasing a flock of pigeons upon the castle, which annoyed Petra to no end and she eventually left, after destroying 2 of the castle towers in a complicated effort to get rid of the pigeons! She drifted from kingdom to kingdom, castle to castle, spending a few years, sometimes even decades at each, lazily “guarding” them from evil spirits until her antics got her kicked out. Eventually she settled in an abandoned castle in the middle of a lake in Ireland where she got some peace, quiet, and no pigeons, for a good century. Then the castle burned down, fell over, and sank into the swamp. As the modern world creeped in, she was left with fewer and fewer castles to call home as more and more of them were turned into tourist attractions. As the art-deco movement came into full-swing, she found a new life in the bustling metropolitan centers of North America. Unfortunately this meant MOAR pigeons, which only fueled her hatred of the vile creatures, and thanks to all the advances in modern technology and stuff cluttering rooftops...her plots to rid the creatures became increasingly elaborate, and quite often destructive when the inevitably failed. Nevertheless, she enjoys the bustle of big cities, and people are always such strange creatures to watch while she relaxes on a rooftop and swears up a storm at the circling pigeon hordes.
Likesrain, lightning storms, sunny warm afternoons, lazy afternoons, lazy mornings, lazy evenings, lazy nights, people watching, gothic stone architecture, castles, window washer crews, elaborate plots to rid the world of pigeons, city lights at night, scaring the everloving bejeezus out of people walking by. Ravens are okay.
DislikesPigeons, flocks of pigeons, nesting pigeons, flying pigeons, solo pigeons, the noise pigeons make, seagulls, sparrows, swallows, rooks, pigeons again, having to do stuff, being bossed around, pigeons, and did I mention pigeons?
Locationhere and there
Occupationsitting on ledges and rooftops