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Vital Statistics!

Character Namenikita

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourshe has the typical husky markings and around her hands and feet are light blue.
Hair Colourlight blue
Eye Colourblue
Clothingred tank top and baggy blue jeans.
Accessoriesa leather strap with spikes around her neck
Special Abilitiesto grow from 5.8 to 318ft tall

Personality & Background

Personalityshe is very nice and outgoing. people don't like her because they are scared of her but if someone will be her freand you will find out she is very friendly. she is very emotional.
Likesshe likes rock, pizza, and skateboarding,and working on cars.
Dislikesgetting up early,bullies, not landing a skate trick, being bossed around. being upset/crying.
Locationcenterville maryland
Occupationattends queen Ann's hi school.