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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRime
Height5'6" (Base)
Weight155 lb. (Base)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA dirty-yellow coat spans his entire body with several small patches of dark orange fur peppering his outward appendages, gathering closer near the ends of his fingers/toes.
Hair ColourBarely distinguishable from his fur, a scruffy but spiky tuft of hair lies between his ears.
Eye ColourBrown
Clothing+ singlet/tank top paired with a pair of baggy trousers.
AccessoriesMost noticeable is the pair of rectangular spectacles he is almost always wearing. Aside from that, the bunny occasionally sports a half-shaven (pair?) of headphones as an aid in his approach to magic.
WeaponryHaving taken a thorough "self-defence" course at a community college, he's somewhat competent in the use of alteration magic to fend off approaching attackers, mostly through the manipulation of his or others' sizes.
Special AbilitiesWhat many would call magic is simply the manipulation of events and probabilities. This bunny utilises a rather recent-and thus, incomplete-understanding of mystic and the magical to bend reality to his whim...well, some parts of it at least. The new studies reveal a way to access the Akashic Records-a cosmic database that manages the many different timelines and parallel universes, through the manipulation and recognition of certain rhythms in the world. By manipulating the data in this database, anything can technically be made possible...theoretically, at least. They've only been able to work out size manipulation so far.

Personality & Background

PersonalityUsually quite shy and meek, but that goes away once he gets taller than most others, becoming more friendly as well. He still remains a gentle creature however, often careful of the smaller beings when he moves around.
Background+ Raised in the city with more books than friends. +