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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMish
Height50ft tall on average, maximum unknown (original: 3ft 2in)
WeightVaries by size

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe has tan fur with white on the belly, bosom, and front of her face/muzzle. Her hands, feet, and nose are a light pink color, as normal for most mice. Her tail is also a light pink in color.
Hair ColourHer hair is a shaggy mop of brown that hangs down just past her shoulders. It tends to be very unruly (permanent case of bed head).
Eye ColourMish has very large and expressive chestnut brown eyes with long eyelashes.
ClothingHer most recent set of clothes is a janitor's outfit and cap, with her name stenciled on it. She frequently likes to wear big gunky sweater and short skirt. Mish enjoys wearing little glasses perched on the tip of her nose (non-corrective lenses).
AccessoriesShe commonly carries around a top of the line tablet with her.
Special AbilitiesMish has the ability to change size, ranging from both an unknown minimum to an unknown maximum amount. So far she has never grown much larger than a mile or so tall, big enough to menace cities. Her size changing is partially controlled by her, being influenced by extremes of mood and emotions. She tends to get bigger when scared, surprised, annoyed, or even very happy or excited. Any major emotional extreme makes her grow until she can calm down (especially tickling). She can also change the size of her attire and small portable non-living object that she carries on her person, as long as she has control of her emotions. She is highly resistant to harm, in direct proportion to her size. The bigger she is, the harder it is to hurt her. By 100 feet tall Mish is impervious to most conventional weapons and attacks. By a quarter mile tall, she is impervious to all known military strikes and weapons, including missiles and cannons (though she does not want to find out how big she has to be to ignore a nuke...). Mish is also highly vulnerable to other size-changing effects, often manifesting them at ten-times the expected results.
Outstanding FeaturesMish is dangerously cute with very big ears for a mouse. She also has an excessively curvaceous figure, to the point of often being embarrassed by it. Recently she has grown impressively huge claws on her fingers and toes. She also has large fangs and sharp incisors, more common to predatory animals, not mice. They look very much like the teeth of a shark.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMish is a friendly mouse and happy to talk and chat with any who come up and speak to her in an equally friendly manner. However, she is rather timid and easily intimidated by strong or forceful personalities. Even folks who are vastly smaller than her can still cause her to cower or panic, usually in a comical manner. Mish works hard at getting used to being a macro mouse. When really huge she is extremely careful to not step on folks around her or destroy the local scenery. She likes to keep others safe, not squash them. When she does cause damage it usually makes her very embarrassed, which tends to make her grow even bigger, which leads to further trouble in an upward spiral cycle.
BackgroundMish was a normal mouse of above average intelligence. She was shy and more than a little nerdy in school. When she made it to university, she excelled in science and quickly joined up as an intern in a respectable laboratory dealing with bleeding edge scientific discoveries. While working in the lab with two fellow interns, Mish noticed that an experimental mass compactor was malfunctioning and about to explode. She managed to warn her fellow interns to get out in time, but she was caught in the blast. The resultant explosion permanently changed her into a gigantic mouse, one with the ability to get far bigger than is good for her and most everyone around her.
LikesReading, movies, gaming, pizza, cheese, chocolate, long walks, longer naps, science, and star gazing.
DislikesBullies, cheats, thieves, the cold, puzzles she cannot solve, and moldy cheese.
LocationMish stays at and lives out of the Ranch.
OccupationMish used to be a student in university, dual majoring in theoretical physics and computer science. She was also an intern in a notable research center where her accident happened. She currently has no job or current career goals.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Wh-why does everyone pick on us little mice?"