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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLeidolf
SpeciesMacro anthro Werewolf
Height5000 feet
Weighta macro werewolf is bound to be heavy
Summaryis dominate and heterosexual. Incredibly strong and muscular.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourbrown
Hair Colourbrown
Eye Colourgolden-yellow
Special Abilitiesable to grow infinitely but cannot shrink past his original height of 5000 ft. knows a wide variety of magic. super strength.
Outstanding Featurescan touch or hold silver for a temporary amount of time before it begins to harm him. has no human form to shift back to. immune against all magic except his own and those of his own bloodline.

Personality & Background

Likessex, cockvore, micro, macro, size difference, growth, muscle growth, being the largest, and making friends.
DislikesBeing called anything other than Lei or Leidolf. Silver. Being the smallest or small. Being the same size as his partner but will tolorate it if she will agree to use smaller beings as sex toys with him.
OccupationCreator of the C.O.T.E , pack alpha of C.O.T.E , Sofurry Ambassador
Additional InfoI am alpha of my own pack located on skype called "Clan of the exiled" you should check us out. just contact me on skype about it if you want to join. also on a side note im not like most macros im actually a gentle and kind soul. but i can take action if need be so dont provoke me. but other than that im very open and friendly so dont hesitate to approach me.

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