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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMeeesh
SpeciesDeermouse (barely)
HeightVaries wildly (commonly 100 - 200ft)
WeightVaries wildly by size

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMeeesh has shaggy brown fur across most of her body, save for her chest/belly and her muzzle, which is white. Her hands, feet, and tail are the common pink toned flesh that mice usually have.
Hair ColourHer hair is a shaggy mop of brown that hangs down to her shoulders. It tends to be very unruly (permanent case of bed head).
Eye ColourMeeesh's eyes are bright amber in color and slit like a cat's eyes. Her sclera (what is normally the white in the eyes) is black, making her eyes stand out all the more.
ClothingMeeesh does not usually wear clothes at all. She tends to rip them apart anyway from rapid shape and size alterations.
WeaponryNone (save for natural weapons she forms such as claws and fangs)
Special AbilitiesMeeesh has the ability to change her size to pretty much any dimensions she desires. Due to her desires, she tends to remain bigger than most folks she is around. She has the ability to copy the natural powers and abilities of those she can eat, either wholly or partially. Even consuming some of a person's blood is enough to give her access to these abilities. She maintains them indefinitely and can use them as she desires. The only limit is that abilities she gains must be natural to the body of the target. Learned abilities, like spell magic or cybernetic attachments, she cannot copy. She also does not gain the knowledge or memories of a target. She can, however, alter her shape to include any and all attributes and looks of anything she has consumed and copied. Meeesh frequently mixes and matches parts of different beings to make up her appearance. Over time she has collected the abilities of a large number of animals, as well as the powers of several outstanding individuals. A minor talent stemming from this copy ability is that she can perfectly mimic sounds and voices she hears, often putting them together into sentences of her own. She is truly the living embodiment of the phrase "You are what you eat." At the current time Meeesh's abilities include extreme strength, agility, endurance, and vastly enhanced senses the equal of myriad animal types. Her regenerative capacity is hyper accelerated, able to heal from most injuries in moments to minutes, depending on severity, but it can be overwhelmed by continuous suffering of damage. Meeesh is highly resistant to heat, poisons, and diseases. She can also manipulate an odd form of bio-energy which manifests in glowing rune-like shapes on her fur; which can create defensive shields to protect her body, project said energy as force, accelerate her speed to supernatural levels, or allow her to gain temporary insight into the lore or nature of things she needs to know about (though she rarely thinks of using the last ability).
Outstanding FeaturesMeeesh is rather monstrous looking, though still darkly attractive, especially to those who favor 'dangerous female' stereotypes. She has a comically hyper exaggerated curvy figure which meshes in perfectly with her fit, decently muscled physique. Unlike a normal mouse, Meeesh has massive claws and fangs (shark like teeth actually), ram-like horns that extend from the sides of her head, and bone spike from her shoulders, elbows, knees, and down the length of her spine. Her powerful legs are mildly digitagrade, with long bat-like toes able to grasp things easily. Her tail is half covered with bone armor plates and is tipped with a scorpion stinger. She can extend her tongue out to a full body length and is fully prehensile. Meeesh commonly forms massive bat wings if she must fly, the wing 'fingers' ending in huge spikes of bone.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMeeesh is a very primal, instinct driven creature. She wants what she wants when she wants it and is not willing to back down from anyone or thing that tries to stop her from fulfilling her desires. Not terribly intelligent, unlike her other half Mish, Meeesh has trouble figuring complex things out, does not like talking or being talked at too much, and has problems forming some ideas into words (her speech is very slurred and punctuated with growls and snarls). Despite her dominating and abrasive personality, Meeesh also has a playful side and can be very friendly when approached properly. As one person once described her, Meeesh is very much like a huge, dangerous puppy.
LikesBeing big, eating, breaking things, 'fooling around', chasing smaller folks, intimidating smaller folks, playing physically active games, and being the center of attention.
DislikesBeing bored, being hungry, being threatened, not getting her way, too much talking, too little fun, and being tricked into eating rocks.
LocationWherever she goes, that's where she is.
OccupationBeing a queen-sized pain in the butt.
Additional InfoMeeesh is the alter ego of Mish, the 'Miss Hyde' to her 'Dr. Jekyll'. Both can choose to change into the other when they want to, but neither Meeesh nor Mish likes the other very much. When one of them falls asleep, the other one can choose to come out automatically. Due to her general lack of intelligence, Meeesh can be duped into doing things by crafty individuals, especially when offered things she wants.