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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJames O
SpeciesMutt! (A combination of German Shepherd, Husky and tiger. I am parts other things, but that is what you see)
Height11ft 11in (Prefered Max is 75 feet, with a total maximum of 1000, do good convincing at it may be 150Km tall)
Weight2000ish pounds of muscle (Bigger upon Request)
SummaryJames is a Massive Canine thing with a love of all things huge and muscled.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite, with grey GSD markings and Black tiger stripes over all.
Hair ColourIF he let it grow, it would be a pitch black Crew Cut.
Eye ColourA flickering sunset orange.
ClothingJames usually goes for a Greaser look, white T-Shirt or a Black Band Shirt (Generally Rush or Guns and Roses), a Shiny Black Leather Jacket, Grey Jeans with a Black Army Beret. When swimming or simply showing off, he sports a miniature speedo that matches his eye colour.
AccessoriesJames usually doesn't wear much else, but does wear some aviator shades from time to time. And for those who don't like 'spontaneous' growth he also has a orange-jewelled amulet.
WeaponryJames isn't much of a warrior, but when he hunts, he sports a customized Ithaca shotgun, painted with a Black, Grey and White Camo with Orange Accents.
Special AbilitiesGROWTH! James can get massive without much effort. FIRE! James can breathe fire if he tries. Muscle! James is simply covered in hyper muscle, but not only that! He builds muscle more than 5 times the speed of normal humans. But lets not forget the fact he can just swell up the muscle himself too.
Outstanding FeaturesThe fact that James is over 2000pounds of muscle, that is a good feature. His orange eyes are neat too.

Personality & Background

PersonalityJames is a loveable cuddlebug who has a habit of growing to massive sizes to get comfortable. He always has a warm smile on his face and is always willing to hug.
BackgroundRich Family, yadda yadda, nothing too special.
LikesBigness, big things, massive things, muscle, flexing, fine cars, orange soda, people as sweet as he is, CLASSIC ROCK.
DislikesPeople who want me Small, being small, hybrid cars, rude people.
LocationWhile he does enjoy going wherever the world takes him, he does have a Cabin in Canada. The cabin is Large, being a modern thing, making the house have three levels, but the fact a giant lives there makes the house even bigger.
OccupationHe calls himself a 'Freelance Officer'. Really means 'no job'.
Additional InfoGROWTH! Always loves getting bigger and bigger. OOC stuffs: My life is at a point where I can go from relaxing to busy in a matter of a second. So I may warn you before I poof, might not I try to use a /me command to do actions, but I will use the *. I don't know why people hate this, but they do. Oh well. Seeing that I just started a flame war, I'm an Xbox person and I like Pepsi better!

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteBigger is ALWAYS Better~

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