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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRake Vuril
SpeciesWinged Fox
Height6 feet
Weight150 lbs
SummaryA red fox with wings, mechanical genius and a love of vore.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFully red fur, somewhat coarse. The only part of his fur that's a different color is his chest, which is a lighter red.
Eye ColourBlue eyes, often watching people with interest.
ClothingPlain brown shorts, not containing anything in the pockets. Occasionally wears a pair of black goggles with blue lenses.
AccessoriesA tiny device embedded in his wrist capable of changing his own or other's sizes. A strange device that allows him to travel between alternate universes.
WeaponryBlunt claws, a retractable Scimitar he's untrained with and a Stun Gun that allows him to freeze someone in place a few seconds.
Special AbilitiesVarious types of magic. He also has an invisible space where he can store his items, that's not solid unless the fox wills it to be.
Outstanding FeaturesA pair of white angellic wings adorn his back, which grant him the ability to fly himself or with others.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, somewhat outgoing. Doesn't want to hurt people, and is not easy to upset.
BackgroundGrew up in a small litter, being the only fox with wings. He soon found out he could stand on two legs and eventually left his family, where he was first nearly devoured by a dragon, but luckily escaped with his Shield. Moved to a distant Land and made friends, gained many of his powers, and built his home.
LikesEating/Being eaten. Sandwiches Meeting new people Working on his inventions Long walks on the beach or in the forest
DislikesHurting people/being hurt. (OOC Scat, blood, watersports.)
LocationIf he's not at home, in his burrow (which is really just a wooden house under the ground) then he's out exploring.
OccupationTinkerer. Gets his money selling knick knacks.

Just for Fun