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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCuon Alpinus
SpeciesDog- Border Collie
Height6ft tall
SummaryDespite being named after the scientific name for the Dhole Asiatic Wild dog, Cuon is actually a black and white border collie. His normal height is 5'10", though is constantly growing and shrinking because of macro/micro antics. His most important possession is his book which has a 50-50 chance that anything he writes about himself will either happen as planned or backfire and have the opposite effect. However, if someone else manages to acquire his book, what they write about him will always come true, whether he wants it to or not. If this happens, he is at the complete mercy of whoever holds his tome. His natural features include a somewhat skinny body with a white muzzle and eyebrows, white torso and thighs, and an oversized fluffy black tail with a white tip on the end. The character is also well-endowed. However, only his large ears and big tail are set in stone. The hyper proportions for his genitals aren't required in RP so long as they get no smaller than average. Also, his book convention is not required in RP either. It's mostly just a tool for macro/micro situations.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCuon has black and white fur.
Hair ColourNo Hair
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingTight, form-fitting white t-shirt, short shorts, and tight red boxer-briefs.
AccessoriesHis magical book.
Special AbilitiesHas a book that alters the sizes of whatever he writes about. This book can easily be stolen to manipulate the collie himself.
Outstanding FeaturesHe has a lot of neck fluff, but no non-fur hair. On his neck there's a layer of black fluff on top of white. His torso, foot/hand paws, and the insides of his thighs are white. His tail is oversized, long, and black with a white tip. The dog's ears are also beeeg. The floppy hearing-holes are twice the normal size for his breed.

Personality & Background

PersonalityPlayful and submissive at normal sizes, but dominant and somewhat violent when bigger.
LikesBig everything and tiny people~
LocationUS EAST

Just for Fun