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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMylo Riggs
SummaryMylo is small. Standing at only 3ft in height, the lion is incredibly short compared to most others. As one would suspect, his short stature makes him shy, timid, and submissive. However, he is easily brought out of his shell. Should someone he finds attractive approach him, his withdrawn demeanor pulls a 180. In his natural state, the short lion sports yellowish fur and a short orange-brown mane and tail-fluff. At this point, he needs to wear glasses in front of his green eyes, and often wears clothes too big for him. However, those clothes might start to get a little tight should his tail be tugged and played with. The avatar (art credit to Cherrybox) illustrates his default state.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourYellowish / Brown-beige Fur
Hair ColourOrange / dark brown mane
Eye ColourGreen / brown
ClothingPrefers to be naked, but will wear a white coat and baggy pants. He always outgrows his clothes by stage 3.
Special AbilitiesOnce his partner tugs and plays with his tail, Mylo grows up to a more normal height at 6ft tall with a tad more muscle. At this stage, the lion's fur darkens a tad, his mane grows out along his neck, and the mane darkens to a brown color. He also no longer requires glasses. Now, the lion is less introverted, though he still leans on the submissive side. ---- He can be further enlarged by the licking of his paws. This stage is beefcake stage. At 12ft tall, Mylo is a true giant. His body is ripped and toned to magnificence. Here, his fur darkens a slight bit more, and his eyes turn brown. His mane also remains a deep dark brown and grows out fluffier around his head and neck. The only way for him to revert stages is through sexual means or getting his ears nibbled on.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySubmissive and introverted / Dominant and Extroverted.
LocationUS EAST

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