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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlysha
SpeciesMassive Nordic Lupine
Height250 feet+
WeightA whole lot!
SummaryA curvaceous, full figured wolfess capable of altering sizes, that often likes to take advantage of those powers by growing herself/shrinking others.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur
Hair ColourDark/Arctic Blue
Eye ColourDark Hazel
ClothingVaries greatly!
Accessories~Silver anklet on right ankle ~Toe ring on each middle right toe ~Bracelet on left wrist ~Sapphire ring on middle finger of left hand ~Blue topaz ring on index finger, Pearl ring on thumb of right hand
Special AbilitiesCapable of growing herself or shrinking others with a snap of her fingers, thanks to some inherent magical abilities. Can also spike pastries, drinks, or other food items with her special ingredients to alter sizes.
Outstanding FeaturesBlue padding/flesh

Personality & Background

PersonalityTemperamental, can be friendly to you at one moment and then suddenly decide that you look fun to step on! Playfully cruel and dominant~
LikesBeing big; Bullying things smaller then she is; Rampaging through cities; Forcing others to worship her; Being the big bad wolf; Crushing/Devouring micros/citizens for her own delight. https://www.f-list.net/c/alysha%20vexx/ For better understanding on likes/dislikes =3
DislikesHaving others towering over her; Random people calling her pet names [ex: Love, Honey, Sweety, etc.]
LocationProbably on top of you.
OccupationUrban renewal
Additional InfoAlysha carries a plump, curvaceous, bottom heavy hourglass frame. Though her body is soft and curvy, her weight is carried extremely well as there is some muscle definition beneath her plump curves, almost like an athlete that simply stopped working out. Large heavy breast jostle and bounce invitingly with each step. A soft, thick somewhat curved belly evidence that she enjoys a bit of food on occasions, soft love handles leading to a wide set of hips, her butt round, soft and curvy though still with a hint of tone to them. Long, thick legs solidify her voluptuous form, her thighs touching slightly as she walks, her body having a sway and bounce to her steps. However as much attention as one might spend on her body, the paws that power her steps might be the most important as that is likely where you'll end up a good chunk of time.Though some might be embarrassed by having large feet, Alysha loves having them, as if they were a badge of honor. Ranging from anywhere to mildly perfumed to downright stenchy, Alysha never really truly cares as after all she isn't the one smelling her feet. Thick, plush toes seemingly thumping up and down in a constant motion as if just waiting to clamp down around something or someone.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteNothing is impossible, the word itself says