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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSkygga
SpeciesAntho Houndoom Morph
Height500' [8'1 when non macro]
Weight72,419 tons [610lbs]
SummaryA size changing Houndoom who likes to use that ability to her advantage and just be an overall bully/terror to things smaller then her.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack/Orange
Hair ColourBlack with Brunette highlights
Eye ColourRed
ClothingVaries greatly, but usually wearing jeans with a tank top. Something almost always tight to show off her generous curves. No footwear, unless you can't stockings/pantyhose or socks, though all will have four holes so that her toes can poke out freely.
AccessoriesChoker with a skull adorning it. Studded bracelet and anklet on each wrist & ankle. Toe ring adorning her left middle toe on her left foot.
Special AbilitiesAble to manipulate shadows, either her own or those around her, often using them to increase her size. Dark telekinetic abilities. Capable of secreting poison from her pores [either as sweat or as a mist] ranging from either a mild numbing agent to lethal levels. Mastery over fires and flames, capable of bending it to her will.
Outstanding FeaturesOn to her actual body shape, Skygga carries a full figured, plump, bottom heavy hourglass figure. Even though most would consider her on the chubbier side of things, she is quite proud and will flaunt it. Enjoying any stares or side glances or comments on her figure, it's like food to an ego-centric Houndoom. Could she lose a few pounds? Sure as evident by a slightly chubby belly, thick thunder thighs and round, wide, thick rump, but all of this is but a necessary sacrifice she figures, as it allows her to better fluster those smaller then her with such generous curves and assets. While her curves might garner quite a collection of stares, her paws seem to get a glance as well, though perhaps with a bit less eagerness. The easiest way to describe her paws is large. Even her toes seem bigger then normal, thick and plush, leaving little space between them even when they are splayed out. Though at the same time, her foot size seems proportionate on her.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA fiery girl, mood changing almost in the blink of the eye. Though there is one thing that is a constant, there is always a certain level of mischievous ranging from playful to downright devious mostly stemming from her own moral code of doing what she wants with whomever she wants for her own enjoyment and pleasure. This doesn't mean that she can't be friendly or affectionate towards others, just she would much rather watch one squirm and wiggle in nervousness/discomfort. Mostly she simply seeks to be entertained through any means necessary.
LikesBeing big; Bullying things smaller then she is; Rampaging through cities; Forcing others to worship her; Being the big bad wolf; Crushing/Devouring micros/citizens for her own delight.
DislikesHaving others towering over her; Random people calling her pet names [ex: Love, Honey, Sweety, etc.]
Additional Info-Full name is: Scarlett Skygga Formørkelse -Her paws are usually quite musky/sweaty though the stench can range from mild to downright rancid. -Able to secrete poisonous bodily fluids either in the form of sweat or a mist [saliva or sweat] ranging from a numbing agent to lethal. -Much like the feral houndoom, Skygga's stomach is full of toxins, able to release this either through a belch or fart, much like her poison, ranging from numbing to lethal.

Just for Fun